Every opportunity has its risks and rewards, including freelancing. I will never forget the challenges and setbacks that I faced overcoming disappointments as a freelancer. However, I chose to make strong comebacks. I want to help you on your journey to overcoming disappointments as a freelancer. Check out my advice for overcoming disappointments as a freelancer.

Set Realistic Expectations 

Many people become excited about the idea of being a boss, earning a living at their convenience, and the possibility of doing something they love. However, they set their expectations too high too soon and suffer inevitable disappointments.

4 ways in which you can overcome setting unrealistic expectations are to: 

  1. Set goals that provide you with a reasonable time frame to accomplish each task instead of pressuring yourself to achieve too much too soon.
  2. Avoid rushing the process when learning a new skill. Firstly, learn to accept that freelancing will take time so give yourself enough time to practice, research, and master your skill set.
  3. Give up on the notion that freelancing is an overnight get-rich-quick-scheme. After a few weeks of working hard online, you will not get wealthy doing start-up jobs. Freelancing, like any other business, takes time to grow and succeed. Hence, consistently working hard, increasing your income-generating opportunities, and mastering your skill set over time is vital. Eventually, your business will make good earnings.
Give Yourself Room To Fail

Generally, we hear people express how terrified they are about running a business because they do not want it to fail. Many people do not want to feel like they have wasted their time, money, or efforts. 

That is understandable, but nothing in life comes without risks. You and I have to take risks, else we would never know what we are capable of achieving, we will settle for less than we deserve, and we will feel guilty wondering “What if…”

Do not let fear limit you. Instead, take wise and brave actions. The worst that could happen is that you learn valuable lessons, it may surprise you that you get closer to accomplishing your goals for your business.

Focus On Your Goals and Why Power

When we focus on why we must get up daily, work through the night and give our best at every job, we can do great things. As freelancers, it is important for us to focus on our goals and why power. When we are the boss, we have to push ourselves to work harder, evaluate our discipline, ensure the quality of our work and earn our income. We have to boss up and do all these things for ourselves.

When the disappointments come, we need to remind ourselves why working hard is more important than giving up. We have to see the visual representation of our dreams when it becomes too hard to imagine them. Most importantly, we have to believe in and desire our dreams, goals, and why powers so much that we self-motivate ourselves to overcome the disappointments.

Grieve Then Move On

Honestly, disappointments will hurt. Whether you find yourself waiting a long time to get an online job or the process of building up a sustainable income is very challenging – discouraging moments will happen. Naturally, you will feel discouraged when your reality does not meet expectations.

I will not tell you to ignore your feelings. To protect your mental health, it is paramount for you to grieve for your losses and express your pain. However, you have to learn to develop persistence, resilience, and the determination to get back up again after every fall. If I had given up when things were not going my way, I would not be where I am today, with the heights of success that I have attained.

Therefore, grieve when you need to but get even more determined and hungry for your success. Try a new approach if you have to, make sacrifices when you need to, take a break to clear your head, then try again. Whatever you do, do not give up but build the courage and will to get better and do better as a freelancer.

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