Should You Become A Freelancer? I can imagine that after all the things people are saying about freelancing, you have had to ask yourself that question. I know that I did. After all of my experiences, I can admit that there are pros and cons to being an Online Entrepreneur. However, I have identified some good reasons to answer the question, “Why should you become a freelancer?” Thus, if you want to know why should you become a freelancer, check out my top 5 list. 

You Can Earn an Income

Whether you are interested in running your own business or earning extra cash “on the side”, freelancing is a good option for you. The fact is that as long as you are supplying something that people need, they will pay you for it. Furthermore, the better your skills, customer service experiences, and job outputs are, the more profitable and in-demand your services will be.

You Have The Freedom of Choice

Too often we have heard the murmurs of employees, and/or even our disgruntled complaints, about the lack of freedom in a 9-5 job when we have to make decisions. Experiences like doing tasks that we don’t want to do, accepting clients that give us an unnecessarily hard time, or working dreadfully long hours are only a few choices taken away from the 9-5 employees.

You can Do What You love

Have you ever heard the nostalgic talks of persons about how they wish they could be doing a job they love? What about their sighs of frustration because they hate their job? This does not have to be the case, for you. You can utilize your skills to offer a service or product as a side hustle until you are ready and confident enough to do it as a full-time business.

You are the Boss

Being the boss means that you don’t have any dictating your moves, setting your work hours, deciding how much money you earn, and having the final say on how the business is run. Understandably,  some persons fear the thought of being their boss, whilst others are thrilled by the idea. However, I didn’t start by having a registered business with employees. Over time, I developed the skills, confidence, competence, and systems to do run my business. You can do the same too. 

You Can Set Your Work Hours and Spaces

Some of the greatest benefits of being a freelancer are that you decide when you work, how long you work, and where you work. Instead of being confined to working in an office building and doing a 9-5 workday with the occasional overtime, you can personalize your work experience. Hence, you can work online from anywhere in the world, schedule your work hours, so they won’t interfere with your personal and professional needs

These are only a few of the rewards of being a freelancer. I have many more reasons why I became an Online Freelancer. I did it and I know that you can do the same. Give freelancing so serious thought and put together a strategic plan.

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