In today’s fast-paced world, we must be intentional and creative in finding simple and effective ways to get more rest. We have all, at some point, readily sacrificed quality rest despite knowing the negative repercussions. I have often noticed that rest gets less priority when running a business. Some people would even argue that the more successful we want to become, the more sleep we sacrifice to get work done. Indeed, there will be times when we get less rest but, like everything else that we prioritize, we can make deliberate efforts to do better. I am a successful entrepreneur, yet I have found simple and effective ways to get more rest. I will explore four simple and effective ways to get more rest to prove that we can promote rest in our hectic daily routines.

Power Naps

Power naps can help to rejuvenate our bodies. They offer the convenience we need whenever our schedules prevent us from getting complete rest. Evidence of this comes from numerous busy professionals like doctors, who value catching up on sleep when the opportunity allows. Personally, power naps have proven to be great energy boosters. After spending long hours working on my laptop, taking a break to shut my eyes and sleep reset my energy. Another reason we should do power naps is because of the optimism I have seen restored in many people, myself included. Whether we feel grouchy, overwhelmed, or low, a few minutes of rest transformed our moods into optimism. Of course, there are drawbacks to resting during the day, but when done right, it works wonders throughout our day. Therefore, I encourage us to indulge in short power naps during the day to rejuvenate our bodies.

Decline Extra Work

We need to know when we have reached our workload limit and not exceed it. I have observed and experienced the urge too many times to take on more jobs than is manageable. Sometimes, it is the appeal of a dream job, an attractive payout, or our stubborn desire to do one more thing. Whatever our reasons, taking on more work than we can manage is unwise. Firstly, we put our bodies under high stress and overexert ourselves. I have found that this pressure can become so great that it drives people to procrastinate, worsening the problem. Secondly, we become forced to sacrifice sleep to create more time to complete the job. As a result, I have noticed that concentration and productivity eventually derail due to increased pressure. Some argue that working under pressure produces their best efforts, but this is not for everyone. Work overload tends to lead to last-minute work and has too many risks. Not only are we losing rest, but the sudden pop-up of challenges can derail our completion. I have also realized that it increases the possibility of reducing our work quality. So, let us be honest with ourselves. Is the extra work worth the hassle? I do not think so. Consequently, we must decline the extra work to not overexert our bodies.

Create Schedules That Meet Our Needs

Scheduling our days to meet our personal and professional demands is another wise approach to prioritize rest. We decide what becomes a priority and what does not. Thus, if we want, we can make time to rest. Allocating sufficient break time for a nap is a simple way I have seen many people make time to rest. Once an alarm is set and adhered to, all that is needed is to get into a posture to relax. Whether we sleep or connect with the stillness, I still consider it to be rest, as it eases the pressure of our busy minds and movements by putting us in a state of rest. Rewarding ourselves with fixed off-seasons or holiday time has demonstrated another way to rest. Personally, the freedom to rest removes the worrying about work to allow me to sleep more and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Lastly, one of my basic strategies for rest is having a fixed bedtime when possible. Whether I set my sleep time during my off-season or slow periods when my automated business allows it, a fixed bedtime becomes a good habit that rewards my body. Therefore, intentionally creating routines to rest time makes it easier to reap the benefits.

Good Lifestyle Habits

Sometimes getting more rest can be as simple as correcting our bad habits. Firstly, let us break the practice of being on our phones during rest time. Often, we can aimlessly be found browsing social media or losing track of time binge-watching shows at night or during our break, thereby robbing ourselves of rest. I have also noticed that people’s caffeine consumption leads to struggles when it is time to rest. After consuming many cups of coffee daily, how is resting possible when the caffeine keeps us up at night or makes us too jittery? Indeed, sleeping or resting becomes a struggle. Therefore, we need good lifestyle habits to create a more conducive state of mind for rest.

What Have We Learned?

We can find simple and effective ways to rest. Instead of making excuses and sticking to routine practices that do not prioritize rest, we can find creative solutions. Four great ways I have facilitated rest are taking power naps, declining extra work, creating schedules that meet our needs, and developing good lifestyle habits. These strategies have proven there are conducive ways to accomplish the rest our bodies need, but we have to be intentional.

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