Hi, my name is Layten Pryce. I know you’re on this website because you are curious about how to work from home. Well, guess what? You’re in the right place. If you’re not yet a freelancer, I’ll guide you on how to become one. Already an online freelancer? I’ll help you to start living life with a different vibration.

Now, why should you believe that I’m able to teach you how to work from home? Well, because I am working online from home for the past 7 years.

I am a businesswoman. However I’m not your grandmother’s type of businesswoman with the suit, high heels and briefcase driving to the office each day and joining the rat race. No sir, I’m a woman of the 21st century who stays at home and earns US dollars online. Just over 9 years ago, I was working as a cashier struggling to provide for myself and my two children. After which I ventured out into becoming a self-employed retailer but that still was not enough for me. I decided to search online for new ways of earning money. This led me to Internet Income Jamaica, a company which teaches how to make money online. I took the course and started my online journey.

I became a freelance transcriber turning audio files and videos into text and have not looked back since. Freelancing allows me to set my own hours, choose my clients and negotiate price. I’ve been so successful that I now run an agency from the comfort of my home which I’ve been building with money I’m earning online. My agency gets big orders which I break down and hire out, especially to beginners to help them build up their online profile. Unselfishly, I spend my time away from my business traversing Jamaica (my homeland) teaching others what I have learned, helping them to avoid the pitfalls into which I fell and inspiring them to transcend their difficulties. Today I’m not just a transcriber. I’m determined to make use of all freelancing has to offer. In addition to running my agency, I built website [mine included] and I also have an online course I plan to go places and change lives and I’ve already started.

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