“Good friends betta dan pocket money.” This Jamaican Proverb means that having quality people in our lives is more valuable than material possessions. Indeed, I have observed evidence of these words in my and others’ lives. The key is to have the right people in our lives. In fact, there are signs we have the right people in our lives. However, life has taught me that each individual can positively or negatively impact our personal and professional lives. So, what are the signs we have the right people in our lives? To help us identify them, I will explore four signs we have the right people in our lives.

Sign #1: Reliable and Resourceful People

We all need reliable and resourceful people around us. Whether these individuals are team members, friends, or mentors, they must add value to our lives. We notice these traits n the friends who volunteer to teach us a new skill, or that team member who unites his or her talents for the greater good. Hence, they are resourcefulness.

Furthermore, reliability shines through when people ‘show up’ for us when we need their help. We have all had at least one experience with that family member who went the extra mile for a wedding. What about that business launch or school assignment that a friend helped make a great success or pushed through obstacles to support us? These are indeed signs of reliability.

Now, a good relationship is not one-sided. We should also be adding value in return. Thereby, our relationships will remain healthy, harmonious, and solid. So the next time our loved ones come through, share their talents for our cause, or stand by us, we should let them know we appreciate them. We must never “take for granted” the reliable and resourceful people in our lives.

Sign #2: Hold You Accountable

Honesty is the best policy. This proverb describes the people we can trust to be honest and reliable. These individuals have our best interests at heart, and we should be doing the same for them. Their characteristics include telling us hard truths, calling us out on our mistakes, and refusing to let us fail. I am referring to the persons we can call accountability partners. Thus, if we feel afraid to be vulnerable with or cannot rely on the friends in our inner circle, we need to re-evaluate our relationship.

We need friendships that allow us to keep each other grounded and focused. Remember, there are people we get along with, those we can hang out with, and a special few who “have our backs, and we have their backs.” Therefore, people in our inner circle need to be willing and capable of holding us accountable, and we do the same for them.

Sign #3: Wise Mentorship

Always keep close to people who give wise counsel. If we spend most of our time with people who cannot motivate, inspire or guide us, then we have a problem. I am not saying we cannot be friendly or socialize with persons with diverse views and life paths. On the contrary, exposure to differences is vital for growth, new insight, and developing respect for differences. However, our inner circle is called that name for a reason, the individuals who make up this group significantly influence us personally and professionally. Thus, most of our time is with these people who can teach us to accomplish the goals they already achieved. We need these mentorships to receive valuable support and wisdom for our journey. Therefore, we need a close affiliation with people who give wise counsel.

Sign #4: A Trustworthy ‘Inner Circle’

Honest people who will hold you accountable. We need to assess the people closest to us to determine if they exhibit characteristics of being our trustworthy ‘inner circle’. These individuals can be relied on to be honest with us, even when it is not the response we want to hear. They stand by us through hardships, encourage when we face hardship, and help us in our times of need. Most importantly, we can trust these people to act in our best interest and be there for us when the crowd leaves. Last, but certainly not least, our trustworthy companions willingly give us constructive criticism and respectfully point out where we went wrong. In essence, the people close to us should be the ones we can trust and rely on.

What Have We Learned?

Our relationships play a vital role in our lives. We need to wisely choose the companions in our inner circle. Since these individuals influence our personal and professional lives, we need the right individuals. Some signs that we have the right people in our lives are that the persons create a trustworthy inner circle, hold us accountable, give wise mentorship, and are reliable and resourceful people in our group. As we ponder and asses our close relations, let us also remind ourselves that having good relationships is a two-way street.

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