As a beginner website owner, it can be challenging figuring out what stops visitors from staying on your page. It is even disheartening when you see little to no website traffic driven by the time, effort, and resources you invested in your site. Numerous factors affect website traffic; however, some problems are common website mistakes. I have identified various common website mistakes that hurt your website traffic. Do you wish for a website beginner’s guide to overcome common website mistakes that degrade traffic? This blog is your answer. So, we will explore three common website mistakes to overcome to get more traffic.h

Your Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

In this digital world, it is common knowledge that more people access the internet from their phones than ever before. Thus, if your website does not display well on mobiles, you have a problem. Understandably, no one will want the hassle of browsing a site they cannot peruse comfortably. Furthermore, if your user interface lacks mobile-friendly capabilities, it is no wonder you are missing out on traffic! You need to quickly optimize your website for mobile users to enjoy what you offer. Otherwise, you continue to risk visitors skipping your page. So choose a responsive template, or hire a developer to ensure your website looks and operates well on all screen sizes. Therefore, a website that lacks mobile-friendly capabilities turns away a lot of traffic.

Your Website Does Not Look Professional

Have you ever found yourself on a poorly-designed website? Chances are, you probably closed the page before attempting to navigate further. You have a limited time to make a first impression on your visitors. If your page does not look professional, they will leave quickly. So invest time and money into website design and be careful not to overdo it with too many colours and graphics. In essence, ensure your website has a professional presence.

Your Website Does Not Focus on User Experience

Another major problem for websites is the lack of emphasis on user needs. It’s not just about how your website looks visually, but how well it functions. So prioritize user needs while developing your website. As a result, people will more easily find the information they seek. A better user experience will also ensure that it is easy to navigate the website and display text, so they are easy to read. Check all links, buttons, and forms for functionality before going live. Overall, thoroughly check your user experience to ensure your website is easy to use.

Let’s Recap!

Therefore, there are some common website mistakes that block the effectiveness of your website. Thus, you need to do thorough checks to identify them. A lack of mobile-friendliness, professional appearance, and prioritization of a good user experience frequently cause this problem. Once your website prioritizes these key factors, you are well on your way to getting more traffic. However, if you do not address these common mistakes, visitors will not be encouraged to revisit and interact with your website.

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