Transcribing audio and video files is a great way to work and earn online! Whether the customers are lecturers, students, companies, or even YouTubers, you have various sources and platforms that facilitate you making money as a transcriber. Today, my transcription business is successful because of the advice for beginner transcribers, that was taught in the course I did, and through working online. Now I want to share my advice for beginner transcribers. Check out below my advice for beginner transcribers.

Competence Builds Confidence

It is natural to feel nervous and fearful of failure when you are starting your freelancing business. I certainly felt this way when starting my transcription business. Understandably, the thought and process of trying to monetize a newly developed skill can feel like a daunting venture. What helped me to overcome my fear was feeling increasingly confident as I increased my competence. I did it, and you can do the same too.

One simple yet effective strategy is to practise transcribing different types of audio and video files. I realized that the more I practised, I honed my skill. Over time, I increased my ability to hear details more clearly when listening to noisy audio, and I also became faster as a touch type and at correcting errors in grammar and punctuation.

Maintain Good Communication with Your Clients

Good communication is vital in business. I found this to be true when working online as a freelance transcriber. As transcribers, we aim to deliver customer satisfaction, but this is impossible if we do not clearly understand how the client wants us to do the job.

I have learned to ensure that my client and I have good communication by: quickly responding to messages, carefully following instructions, sharing updates about the progress of the work, and asking clarifying questions whenever I feel unsure about any information related to the transcript.

As a fellow transcriber, I understand the desire to avoid questioning the client because you do not want to appear incompetent or annoying. After researching if the information in your transcript is accurate, it is best to clarify with your client if you still feel unsure.

Maintain High-Performance Ratings on the Freelancing Platform

A freelancer’s rating is vital for attracting new clients. I have found that freelancing platforms rate the performances of online entrepreneurs based on the average star ratings given in clients’ reviews. One such platform, Fiverr, has detailed metrics, including delivery time and response time. For example, Fiverr will give an automatic low rating for late delivery or reply to messages. It will remain low for approximately one month until another performance review. Click HERE to learn more about why this happens.

Each category that is measured reflects the competence, reliability, and effectiveness of a freelancer. Low ratings will affect our reputation and appeal to potential buyers. Therefore, we must pay attention to our performance if we want to get positive reviews. The more we have good performances and deliver high-quality work, we will have higher ratings. In essence, we establish a good reputation for our business.

Your Performance Will Speak for Itself

In the transcription business, the quality of our work makes or breaks our success. For transcribers, emphasis is on details that include the accuracy of the information, sentence structuring, and correct grammar. Therefore, we should carefully listen to the audio and proofread each transcript before submitting it.

Understandably, there will be times when we are rushing to complete a job. However, we should ensure that we follow the instructions received without compromising the quality of our work for a speedy delivery. Otherwise, our clients will not be satisfied with our service.

Get Yourself the Right Equipment and Tools for the Job

There are various free and paid tools and equipment that transcribers use. Whether they provide comfort, efficiency, or increase productivity, freelance transcribers benefit from using them. These range from software to earphones/headphones and office supplies.

oTranscribe and Grammarly are two free software for transcribers. Furthermore, having earphones and a laptop are must-haves. If you can afford to invest in your business, advanced software, tools like noise-cancelling headphones, and an ergonomically designed computer desk and chair are good things to consider. Whatever you choose, there are ways to ensure your comfort and productivity.

Do not cower from beginning your transcription business because you feel fearful. Take a bold step outside your comfort zone, and you will be amazed by how you learn and grow your transcription business. Hopefully, these tips will help to prepare you to take that bold step.

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