Fiverr is among the popular and thriving online freelancing platforms. This virtual marketplace has successfully connected freelancers, like me, with buyers from around the world. Based on my experience, there are many important facts that freelancers should know about Fiverr. However. I’m only going to share my top 3 surprising facts freelancers should know about Fiverr. The 3 surprising facts freelancers should know about Fiverr are:

1) Your Statistic Can Automatically Decline

On Fiverr, freelancers are called sellers. Every seller familiar with the statistical data that rates our performance based on response time, on-time delivery and order completion.

Surprising Fact: Our statistics will undergo an automatic decline for about 2 months, even though we are not repeatedly late with our delivery, have not left our order incomplete, nor demonstrated a slow response time.

Why does this happen?

What new sellers on the platform don’t know is that once we have performed low in any of these areas, you will have to undergo approximately 2 months in a “wait period”. Afterwards, the platform automatically returns us to a 100% rate. Until then, we just have to keep working hard, wait out our “statistical penalization” and learn our lesson.

2) Not Carefully Following Account Verification Guidelines Can Lock Down Your Account

Soon after setting up our Fiverr account, we will receive a notification to do an Account Verification. This simply means that the platform would like us to digitally share documents that can verify our identity. 

Surprising Fact: If we do not carefully follow the guidelines, within the 14 days allotted time, our account will be locked down.

Why does this happen?

We made an error by not precisely following the instructions, for example, the poor clarity or incorrect orientation of the image submitted.

Once our account is locked down, it can be quite a hassle to message and await a reply from the Help Support team to get the directions needed to complete the process to reenable us to continue selling on the platform.

3) Fiverr Temporarily Disables Inactive Freelancer Accounts

Naturally, we would assume that once we have set up and shared our freelancer profile and “gigs” (the details shared about the service and selling price) on Fiverr then our account will remain active unless we choose to deactivate it. 

Surprising Fact: If the platform does not notice any activity for an extended period, you will receive a notification and email to find out if you still are interested in selling your services. If you do not reply in time and follow their steps to affirm your interest, your seller account will be temporarily deactivated.

Why does this happen?

When a seller is considered active on Fiverr, it means that the platform recognizes activity like doing jobs called “orders”. Hence, an extended time not being on our accounts, doing orders or seeking to do orders alerts the platform. 

If we don’t communicate our continued interest in having an active account, when Fiverr reaches out to us, then the platform automatically deactivates our seller account. However, we will be notified by email and receive instructions to guide us in reactivating our account when we are ready to do so.

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