Potential clients are always looking for the best value for their money. As professionals, we can strategically market ourselves to stand out from the competition. Testimonials are great marketing tools. Are you wondering how to use testimonials as effective marketing tools? There are several impactful ways how to use testimonials as effective marketing tools, for example, in social media graphics. However, I will share my preferred approaches on how to use testimonials as marketing tools.

1) Every serious entrepreneur should have a professional website. Our websites gain credibility from our good testimonials. The customers’ feedback that we choose to share should be the strongest reviews about our customer service and products. Whether we choose to share them on our home page, via a web page, in the sidebar, or as snippets throughout the entire site, the testimonials must be visible.

2) Short, genuine, and engaging quotes are great for social media graphics. I have frequently heard that online users have a short attention span – this is the case for me. Hence, I believe in sharing testimonials that get to the point and immediately get the audience to focus their attention on the positive reviews about our businesses.

3) LinkedIn thrives on the sharing of testimonials. This platform is specifically targeted to professionals as a marketing and networking social space. As a result, our testimonials help to position us as experts in our industries.

4) I have found that testimonials increase the competitiveness of freelance portfolios and proposal documents. The next time you are applying for a contract, project, or job, include at least one brief and relevant testimonial to boost your credibility. Add it to the footnote of your proposal, or in a section of your freelance portfolio.

5) A media kit is also a good marketing tool. It is more effective when we include good testimonials. This package builds credibility for journalists who want to write a feature about our business and attracts potential clients.

6) Printed or digital promotional materials, such as brochures and flyers, become more impactful when we include detailed testimonials. Highlight feedback on how customers found our services and/or products, and tell why past clients recommend our businesses.

There are various ways in which we can use testimonials to promote our businesses. These are only some available options. Whatever strategy we choose, we should appropriately select and adjust our testimonials to ensure maximum credibility and relevance to the audience. However, one vital point is to seek permission before sharing testimonials, especially ones with personal details like images and names of clients.

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Good luck marketing your business!

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