I have found Fiverr to be a profitable freelancing platform as I showcase and monetize my skills online. However, with so much competition, it is challenging to get noticed by buyers. Especially as more people seek to earn online, it can feel impossible to know how to get more jobs in 2023. That is why I want to share tips for how to get more jobs in 2023. Over the years, my journey of failure and success taught me effective and ineffective approaches. So, I want to help you excel at how to get more jobs. Therefore, we will break down the strategies for how to get more jobs as a Fiverr freelancer.

Optimize Your Profile

Your Fiverr profile is the first thing that potential clients will see. So it is essential to make a good impression. Make sure you correctly and creatively set up your profile. Upload a professional and eye-catching profile picture. Include relevant keywords in your profile description to help clients find you. These keywords should include search engine optimization to make you stand out from your competitors. Lastly, highlight the experiences, skills, and qualities that would make you buy the service you are selling if you were the customer. An optimized Fiverr profile is a step in the right direction of getting more clients.

Offer a Variety of Services

You can get more Fiverr buyers when you offer varieties. As a Fiverr freelancer, it’s essential to deliver different services. These services, called gigs on the platform, should align with the skills and expertise. For instance, if you do transcription, think of alternative services beyond providing transcripts. For example, you could offer to insert captions into videos. Additionally, this approach increases your chances of landing more jobs and clients. When you provide Fiverr buyers with more service options, you benefit from reaching more potential customers and diversifying your sources of income.

Price Your Services Competitively

It’s vital to price your services competitively. We all look for affordable prices when shopping, and Fiverr buyers do the same. So, to attract customers, you need to think about the right way to price your services. To get you on the right track, I want you to explore three key factors: research, realistic prices, and creating your niche.

Firstly, research your competitors. Find out the prices and offerings of similar Fiverr freelancers’ and adjust your prices accordingly. Realistically, consider the delivery timeframe for your orders. Ensure that the time it takes to finish the job, the skills utilized, and the services included in the offer are all considered. Lastly, determine the niche you want to be in. Hence, do you want many clients for low fees or fewer customers for large payments? Once you have decided on these three areas, you are on the way to creating competitive pricing. Therefore, to be competitive on Fiverr, wisely structure attractive prices.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the best job recommendation. I learned that excellent customer service gets you more jobs and clients on Fiverr. Whenever you get hired, always aim to provide a memorable experience. Respond promptly to messages. Deliver work on time. Go above and beyond to exceed your client’s expectations. Following this strategy will result in customers leaving positive reviews, recommending you, and potentially becoming repeat clients. So, always make your customer service a good one. In essence, providing excellent customer service can get you more clients.

Promote Your Fiverr Profile

Don’t rely solely on the Fiverr platform to get clients. Especially as a new freelancer, share your Fiverr profiles with potential customers. Make the best use of your online spaces and advertising tools. Share your Fiverr gigs on social media and your website to increase your visibility. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some great social spaces. Advertising tools like Google adverts, messaging potential customers, and making convincing posts are great. So structure your advertisements to intrigue viewers to check out your Fiverr profile. Therefore, you should try promoting your Fiverr profile’s service.


    Getting more jobs and clients on Fiverr as a freelancer in 2023 is possible. Optimizing your profile, offering multiple services, setting competitive prices, delivering excellent customer service, and promoting your profile are effective strategies. When you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting more clients on Fiverr. So start today! Use these suggestions for how to get more jobs in 2023 to grow your client base and increase your income on Fiverr.

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