We have all come across a testimonial at some point in time. Whether we see reviews on a product, feedback about a service, or comments regarding experiences, testimonials come in various forms. When we are interested in purchasing goods or services, we seek to check out the testimonials from prior users. Are testimonials also as important for sellers as they are for consumers? I think so. Have you ever seriously considered why are testimonials important for freelancers, especially new Online Freelancers? Based on my opinion, I am going to share reasons why are testimonials important for freelancers.

Why are testimonials important for freelancers?

1. Consumers support and purchase from people and businesses they trust. Whether we have a physical location or an online presence, a potential consumer does not know us. As a result, we have to build trust. Testimonials are good tools for prompting customers to trust our business, simply because it is not what we say about how good we are, but the positive feedback from past clients is convincing.

2. Competence is vital for the success of our freelancing businesses. We can validate our credibility and competence as Online Entrepreneurs by sharing testimonials from our past clients.

3. Testimonials can give us a competitive edge, especially on freelancing sites. These platforms recommend freelancers who have highly rated Online Entrepreneurs. The positive feedback goes hand in hand with the high ratings from our clients. The better our ratings are, the more we can benefit from our services being recommended on the site.

4. A good freelancing reputation comes from a good track record. Our testimonials allow customers to see our consistency, growth, and our reliability, over time. These testimonials are what our potential customers need to see to make an informed decision about hiring us.  

5. A testimonial can be a powerful and free endorsement tool. Instead of solely relying on hiring someone to market and promote our businesses, sharing the comments and messages that recommend our services can be an effective strategy. This personal feedback is more convincing for our potential customers.

6. Our clients not only pay for our services and/or products, but they also pay for a good experience. Our clients’ testimonials provide our potential consumers with an unbiased insight into how we value customer satisfaction. That is why we should highlight those descriptive reviews from past clients about their satisfaction with your customer service and work.

7. Professionalism is paramount in business, especially when we are new freelancers. We can benefit from sharing testimonials that highlight our professionalism as Online Entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, these are only a few of the reasons why testimonials are important for freelancers. Let them motivate you to work hard to create a reputation, customer experience, and online presence that promotes your business. Take advantage of each job as an opportunity to write your own recommendation.

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