Self-motivation can be a slippery slope. One minute can feel like you are climbing to success, then the next minute feels like falling productivity. You may even ask yourself how to motivate yourself to work. I have certainly questioned myself. Over the years, I have found ways to get my productivity on track. I want to help you identify how to motivate yourself to work. Frequently, the overwhelming weight of low motivation becomes evident in work efficiency, time management, and productivity. Therefore, I am going to share some of my strategies for how to motivate yourself to work.

Know When to Change Your Strategy to Align With Your Needs

Have you ever heard the saying that you are as stubborn as a mule? This saying accurately applies to sticking to motivation strategies that do not work. You have to know when to change your strategy. Personally, there are many cases where I have seen freelancers, students, and employees bury themselves in work with little to no productivity. They either stick to the same approach that no longer works or keeps going to avoid the guilt of not working. The reality is that this approach is an unwise and ineffective strategy.

There are various ways you will know when you need to change your strategy. I learned that we are constantly changing as people. Do not feel discouraged if what motivated you during your school studies before becoming a mom does not work. Motivation is such a personal thing that you need to rediscover yourself to align yourself with the new mindset, values, and needs you have. Practical ways to do this include testing out strategies that others are doing in your field or a similar situation. Reassess your goals and find simpler ways to include enjoyment in your work routine. Maybe you could try rewarding yourself with a brief stay at an Airbnb to work when you reach target earnings that meet your goals and fulfil your desire to travel. Therefore, find interesting ways to align your work strategies with your needs, and you will find greater motivation.

Accept That Motivation Takes Work

Motivation takes work. I do not want to glamorize motivation, it takes serious effort. The reality is that self-motivation is not always an instant success. Yes, you do see and experience that sudden pull to work after watching an inspiring video. However, to achieve the upbeat feeling, inspiration, and personal drive I define as motivation, it takes work to make it consistent. This consistent work readiness is the real problem. So, we will delve more into how to work with consistent motivation.

Life taught me that consistent motivation varies. You and I have to take intentional, repetitive actions. Similar to how you give yourself time to develop habits, you have to do the same for motivation. This becomes effective when you can rely on systematic habits when you lack the desire to be productive. There is also the time for trial and error. All tools do not work the same for everyone. For example, some individuals thrive in a silent environment, while others are stimulated by the buzz of caf├ęs and active settings. You have to determine which one suits you best. Overall, when you learn how to enable and automate self-motivation, productivity will follow.

Have Clear Goals

Clear goals are clear guides on why you need to work toward success. I have found that the times I struggled the most with my productivity were when I had no direction in life and business. I did not know what I wanted to achieve nor what I required of me to get there – I had no clear goals. You may be in the same boat. So, spend some quality time identifying and breaking down the steps essential to live your dreams. In essence, you need to get clear about your goals if you want them to guide you to success.

I have realized that when you know what you want to achieve, and you focus on the outcomes of your efforts to get a powerful stimulus to take action. So, pause to ask yourself, what are your goals? How will achieving those goals help improve your life or the lives of others? Why must you complete that activity to reach your goal? Go ahead and do some honest self-assessment to get you on the right track to let your goals be your motivational guide.

What Have We Learned?

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, I understand how challenging this can be. However, I have learned that it’s important to understand what motivates you. Boosting motivation starts with an intentional self-assessment, followed by trials and errors. As a result, you learn to identify situations, individuals, sources, and other resources you can use to motivate yourself to be productive. The results are personalized solutions to meet your needs.

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