Productivity is essential for success, but we make mistakes that ruin productivity. Based on my experience and observations, I learned that these unwise decisions negatively influence our personal and professional life. Factors like our concentration and efficiency are affected during the process. I have encountered different ways that disrupt productivity, but we will explore four mistakes that ruin productivity. The four mistakes that ruin productivity are multitasking, procrastination, distractions, and lack of breaks.


Is it genuinely effective to multitask? Depending on who we ask, there will be contradictory views. Realistically, we have learned that our brains can only process one thing at a time. So multitasking would be our attempt to do a variety of tasks within a short time or at the same time. I can relate to the feeling of accomplishment being an appealing aspect of multitasking when I have several works in progress. However, it can lead to more mistakes and hindrances to our productivity.

Firstly, multitasking can lead to confusion. We have all had an idea that seemed brilliant where we do various things at once, only to fail. For example, when multitasking work duties and trying to monitor children, we typically fail. Whether it is the constant interruption or delay in resuming concentration after switching between tasks, multitasking does not work out. In addition to getting confused, we lose our drive as our thoughts become overwhelming. One case in point is us trying to write a post for both a blog and social media. Despite the progress, when we multitask doing two closely related tasks, there are still high risks of failure. Not only can we become confused trying to distinguish one change as we move from one content creation to another, but we can become so overwhelmed we do not finish anything. Trying to do multiple tasks at once can decrease productivity. It is better to focus on one task at a time and complete it before moving on to the next one.


Procrastination can kill productivity. Putting off tasks until the last minute, which we all identify as procrastination, derails our work progress. We have all given in to the urge to procrastinate, only to be further stressed by the work piling up and us rushing to finish. Is it worth it, though? I do not think so. Despite some people professing the boost they get from the pressure of working at the last minute, the risks to our productivity are too much.

Procrastination can lead to too many mistakes. There is the ever-present risk of producing sloppy work because we do not have enough time to check our work at the last minute. Then we end up with reduced work quality, missed errors, and a dissatisfied client or boss. Furthermore, we waste time, usually on menial or unimportant tasks. I have often realized that we procrastinate by browsing online sites like Instagram and YouTube. There are also times we lose replying to texts and emails. Thus, we miss opportunities to finish our work promptly and give our tasks inadequate attention. So as long as we do any menial activity, unimportant work, or deliberately avoid working, we are missing out on completing our work efficiently, thoroughly, and productively.


Don’t we all hate the interruptions that distract us whenever we try to be productive? Of course, we do! It definitely can be annoying and counter-productive when we have finally tapped into our focus and have found ourselves blazing through our work. Then an interruption comes, and we struggle to concentrate and/or reignite our optimism to work. Over time, this becomes increasingly worse as the distractions become constant. Thus, we experience challenges in being productive. So distractions negatively impact our productivity.

We can make the mistake of negatively impacting our productivity based on the surrounding distractions. Sometimes our distractions come from the environment we work in. For example, when working from home in an indoor or outdoors or outdoor setting that is noisy. Our work-from-home jobs get interfered with when we do call centre operator duties, some virtual assistant tasks, and others. Additionally, our devices can heighten our distractions through the frequent pings from notifications or text messages and the ringing of incoming calls. So, it is necessary to clearly understand what we need to work productively and aim to eliminate or minimize distractions during work time.

Lack of Breaks

We all need to take breaks during our work time. Whether it be a short or extended period, we have all encountered situations where we need to take a break from working. Our break time, the time spent doing things outside our work or tasks, has demonstrated the vital benefits of allowing us to do other things. Indeed, taking a beak is a must, even if we only do some stretches or eat a snack. We deprive ourselves of balance and much-needed time away from work to accomplish other vital tasks. Therefore, we need to take breaks during our work time.

Working for long stretches without taking breaks can lead to reduced productivity. Burnout and reduced concentration are repercussions of inadequate breaks from extensive work sessions. I noticed that many of us have experienced weakened immune systems, tiredness, and even depression after long periods of hard work. Due to not creating break time to rest, eating healthy, and carrying out other self-care practices, our well-being and productivity suffer. Furthermore, unwisely avoiding short breaks throughout the day increases our focus and productivity. These breaks could include walks in nature and exercise. I can also relate to feeling frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed by duties. As a result, I know the migraines, mental exhaustion, and decreased focus that follows hours of working at my laptop without breaks. Therefore, our productivity becomes increasingly threatened when we lack the balance break time offers us to rejuvenate and complete other essential tasks

Let’s Recap!

In essence, I am saying that we must wisely monitor our workday to maximize our productivity. Our mistakes like multitasking, procrastination, distractions, and lack of breaks stifle our productivity. Not only do these practices disrupt our work-life balance, but they also expose us to stress, burnout, and reduced efficiency. Therefore, we should be careful to ensure that we maximize our productivity.

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