Many individuals are struggling because of the most common work-from-home mistakes we make. I, too, experienced several challenges and unexpected obstacles during my remote online entrepreneurship journey. Over the years, I learned to identify and rectify the most common work-from-home mistakes that hinder us from building a successful business. Now, I share my insights to help you elevate your side hustles, online entrepreneurship, or productivity as a remote employee. You may also be making some of these mistakes. So I will identify some of the most common working-from-home mistakes derailing our success.

You Make Irresponsible Decisions

I constantly notice us making habitual irresponsible decisions that produce bad work-from-home experiences. Unlike many dreamy expectations about working remotely, the reality can be shocking. My online, work-from-home freelancer journey quickly taught me that the freedom I anticipated came with great responsibility. Thus, anytime I lacked accountability, my work took a hit.

During my start-up years, with no coworkers present to ease the workload, I had to learn the value of investing in outsourcing help. Otherwise, I would have been overwhelmed by the jobs or had to make the disappointing decision to turn away clients. Also, I learned the hard way to develop an efficient system. Whether I was sick, “not-feeling like working,” or left with administrative tasks, I had to fulfil them. The times I procrastinated, my efficiency and productivity tanked. Other times, when I repeatedly worked around the clock, I spent more time recovering from burnout. So I had to create systems to hold myself accountable, make time for my personal needs, and work effectively. So working from home is not easy, but achieving good life while working from home requires one to be responsible.

You Do Not Practise Self-discipline.

There is no success without self-discipline. I have observed that many online businesses and remote workers are struggling while working from home because they lack discipline. In a nutshell, when I talk about lack of discipline, I am referring to our weak willpower and determination to do things, especially when we do not want to do them. At some point in our lives, I believe we all struggle with self-discipline. We can see it showing up in our lack of consistency. One case in point is that we choose to allow our productivity to fluctuate based on whether or not we feel like working. There is also the fact that we do not treat working from home as a serious job. Unlike when we work in an office, we drag through our days because we do not establish a mindset and a routine to promote professionalism, efficiency, and focus. As a result, we slack off and waste our time procrastinating. Remember, we are the ones monitoring ourselves, so we need to take accountability and be determined to succeed. Working from home has demonstrated that self-discipline is a vital trait that must be practised if we want to succeed.

You Do Not Manage Your Time Well

Numerous individuals, myself included, have found poor time management decisions to make working from home difficult. My work-from-home journey has taught me that there will be a lot of trial and error to become responsible and manage our time correctly. Thus, mistakes like scheduling insufficient time to complete tasks cause a last-minute rush to deliver quality work. Also, the absence of fair adjustments to the time we dedicate to handling personal and professional matters can cause detrimental imbalances. I have seen first-hand the burnout, fading relationships, and poor health that come from overworking. On the contrary, the opposite outcome applies whenever we overindulge. Hence, time management is about wisely prioritizing sufficient time to meet personal and professional needs.

Let’s Recap!

In essence, I want us to bear in mind that working from home will only be as effective as we make it. While the freedom to work in a personal space, it still requires us to approach our jobs in a professional and efficient manner. There will be challenges, but we should try to be aware of some of the most common work-from-home mistakes we make and rectify them. Otherwise, they can severely impact our success. Three detrimental mistakes we make are not practising self-discipline, managing our time well, or making responsible decisions. When we apply the wisdom and tenacity of self-discipline, develop good time management skills, and make responsible decisions, we resolve many of the most common work-from-home mistakes we make.

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