Self-care is just as important, just like the success of our businesses, but we need to strike the right balance. Too often, we entrepreneurs sacrifice caring for ourselves to meet work demands. Then, the aftermath of the havoc these sacrifices produce in our lives strikes back at us. It’s not worth it, right? I certainly don’t think so. What do we do about it then? I believe that we have to identify and personalize self-care strategies that work for successful entrepreneurs. I have done it, and the results have been incredible. Now, it is your turn. So I will narrow my advice to offer four self-care strategies that work for successful entrepreneurs. My self-care strategies that work for successful entrepreneurs are to be intentional about prioritizing: getting rest, taking breaks, building a solid support system, and engaging in fun activities.

Prioritizing Rest

It has become too easy for us entrepreneurs to make excuses for our lack of self-care, and overwhelming work demands are typically our excuse. We see it all around us daily, such as the executives and students who power through their days on little to no sleep. Let us not forget the work-from-home crew who burn the midnight oil, always working around the clock. When does rest come into the equation? Most often, it comes after that emergency call to loved ones saying we are not feeling well, had to rush to the hospital, or were forced into bed due to burnout. The reality is that we need to prioritize our rest or face the dire consequences.

What should we do to fix this problem? Let us start by making rest our priority. By now, we have all learned that getting enough rest is essential to maintaining good health and productivity. Some ways we can do this include: creating flexible schedules that we can easily adjust to take naps and get complete rest when possible. Another solution may be to outsource help when needed so that we focus on the vital tasks and sleep while a trusted professional or friend does the less complicated tasks. We can also consider making lifestyle changes, such as limiting or substituting our caffeine intake and removing screen time within the last half hour to an hour before bedtime, to better facilitate an environment conducive to rest. Whatever we decide to do, we must prioritize getting quality rest as an effective self-care strategy for busy professionals.

Taking Breaks

Are you someone who works non-stop, even when struggling to focus and be productive? Why don’t you take a break? Like many others, I have fallen into this category, and the outcome is always the same – a rapid decline in productivity, motivation, and concentration. Simply put, we waste valuable time fighting off the haze of poor focusing. Instead, we need to try a different tactic. I have often found taking breaks to be effective if done correctly. Therefore, let’s trade stubbornness with break time to improve our productivity.

There are wise ways to make time away from work increase our productivity. My approach is to do a series of ‘downtime activities’ to restore work productivity. Some activities are short walks to clear our heads and relieve mental blocks. Listen to relaxing music or enjoy nature to calm our anxiety. We can even incorporate timed breaks for delicious meals or get some well-needed stretching done. Afterward, we may find the drive we need to get work done. In essence, when we wisely take time away from work, we may get the rejuvenation we need to become more productive.

Building a Solid Support System

Dennis Brown’s words say it best, “No man is an island” – we see the proof in society. We see the hard-working business people, their sacrifices, and their determination to reach their goals; we admire and applaud their success. Yet, their approach is not always the best, especially when they try to do everything or most things on their own. Some of the most respected business owners confessed that they needed help and support from solid and reliable support systems to succeed in business. Therefore, we entrepreneurs should consider surrounding ourselves with the right support system to empower us to progress.

Having the right support system means having people who effectively guide us holistically. These persons can range from professionals to reliable companions. On one hand, our support system may be mentors who have competently done what we are trying to do. Their advice can teach us how to ‘work smarter, not harder’. Additionally, they coach us to strike healthier boundaries and a work-life balance. On the other hand, our solid companions are the trustworthy and reliable friends and family members in our lives. These loved ones encourage us when we feel down or overwhelmed, aid us in easing our workloads, and ‘call us out’ when we are not taking proper care of ourselves. In essence, having the right support system aids us in striking a healthier work-life balance.

Engaging in Fun Activities

Growing up, I frequently heard the saying that hard work and no play make Jack or Jill dull. This saying is also true in entrepreneurship. We see or experience the perils of ourselves or others becoming lost in tasks. Whether it shows up as a loss of optimism or appreciation for our progress, the breakdown of our families, or inevitably depression or burnout, these outcomes stem from our poor work-life balance. In conclusion, we need to not lose out in the onslaught of work demands.

Instead of drowning ourselves in work, our jobs should be enjoyable, or we invest in fun moments. I’m not talking about the people who are content with doing work they love. I am referring to those not enjoying life with loved ones and the wealth of things they have accumulated through hard work. This warning is also for those who have lost their passion for what they do because it has become a boring routine or a stressful load of things to do. One of the best self-care strategies for these individuals is to schedule leisure time, enjoy new experiences, and be present during life’s moments. Therefore, we must never get too caught up in work that we stop loving our work or miss out and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Let’s Recap!

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to make self-care a priority. After all, success is best when we can function well or enjoy our efforts. We work hard to earn wealth, achieve goals and make our dreams a reality. It is not enough to be successful. Balancing professional rewards and having a harmonious work-life is the best outcome. Therefore, we need ways to strike a balance that enables us to care for ourselves and show up effectively in our business ventures.

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