Change can be a frightening journey, but our comfort zones can be a more frightening reality. I think that we have all felt a little overwhelmed, nervous, or even petrified by change. However, in life, we need to know how to boldly step outside our comfort zones. I know that I have been afraid of change. Sometimes our fear comes from trying something new, taking risks, or exposing our vulnerabilities. Life has taught me how to boldly step outside our comfort zones. So I want to share how to boldly step outside our comfort zones.

What is Our Comfort Zone?

Our comfort zones are those familiar, limiting, and sometimes toxic places we hang on to because we are accustomed to them. We can identify them by any thoughts, physical places, situations, and actions that we seek out to avoid failure or not meeting expectations. Thus, whenever we have to make any form of change, we become hesitant about acting on ways to boldly step outside our comfort zones.

Even movies, stories, and books teach us that any form of procrastination, avoidance, or resistance is a choice to stay within our comfort zones. However, we have never seen people flourishing and successful in their comfort zones, unless they are being at ease on their successful journey, not living confined to their comfort zones. Therefore, any physical or abstract space or actions resistant to change or giving in to fear is a comfort zone that limits our potential for success.

What a great loss our world would experience if many amazing inventions and accomplishments never happen. Similar to past bold actions, we must now continue the journey of stepping outside our comfort zones. This is the only way to make progress in our personal or professional life. Thus, we must learn and act on ways to boldly step outside our comfort zones. So let us explore four ways to boldly step outside our comfort zones.

Start with Our Passion or Something Important to Us

Doesn’t it feel easier to do something when we like it? Indeed, it does! I have observed that doing things we are passionate about helps us boldly step outside our comfort zones. Moreover, I can attest to the increased motivation I feel as my passions and interest push me through my fears. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be challenges, but when we enjoy the task it becomes easier to leave our comfort zones.

I urge us to focus on the pleasure to step out of our comfort zones. Firstly, I encourage us to identify the enjoyable activities we need to take. Secondly, remind ourselves of the pleasures it will bring by using aids like vision boards. Thirdly, simplify the steps we want to take. Thereafter, we can ease ourselves into a gradual change. Lastly, we take action. When we disguise changes as fun actions, we take bold steps out of our comfort zones.

Tap into Our Why-power

I have found that the why-power is an effective stimulant for making changes and getting things done. We hear so many people confirm that their why-power provides a mindset boost for change. This is because our why-power sums up our reason, purpose, and mission to achieve something. Our why-power is indeed a tool for success.

Personally, I have found that tapping into my why-power fuels perseverance in life and business. I have also observed that numerous individuals overcome fears, insecurities, and other challenges. No matter the circumstance, I believe that when our “whys” are greater than our comfort zones, we step into excellence. So, even though changes and aspirations bring challenges, knowing and focusing on our why-power empowers us to leave our comfort zones.

Kill our Fear with Knowledge 

Kill the fear with knowledge. I believe that we have all found the unknown to be the reason to fear stepping outside our comfort zones. However, we can seek out knowledge to conquer our fear. For example, anytime I see overthinkers avoiding or making excuses to not try something new, I instantly recognize that they are afraid. I even notice the same fear in people who hesitate to leave their stable 9-5 job for the unknown risks of starting a business. Unless people feel certain, the fear of the unknown proves to be the reason for people staying within their comfort zones. frequently the reason for remaining within their comfort zones.

Instead of blindly listening to others’ opinions or building up the worst-case scenarios in our heads, let us learn as much as we can about the reality of making that change. Then we can take it a step further by simplifying the steps vital for us to boldly try something new or make effective changes. Based on our newly found wisdom, we can assess the advantages and disadvantages of making changes, based on what we want to accomplish in our life and business. Afterward, we can confidently decide if our comfort zone is actually the best place to build success or identify the steps that can fulfill our goals and dreams. In essence, we should make decisions from a place of wisdom instead of fear or ignorance so that we can boldly step outside our comfort zones.

Increasing Our Difficulty Over Time

Isn’t it easier to start something new or make a change when the task is easy to do? Certainly! In fact, I noticed that increasing the difficulty over time is an approach used by applications such as ones that teach us languages and allow us to play games. When I try to practically increase the difficulty of my tasks or actions, over time, I have experienced the rewards.

Some of the rewards included developing my confidence, learning a new skill at a manageable pace, reducing pressure, and when reintroducing myself to a skill. Similarly, I believe that you too can benefit from allowing yourself to treat change as a process rather than a rushed or pressurized experience so that it does not repel nor overwhelm you. Hence, I believe that when we give ourselves time to ease into the difficulty of a task or experience, it makes it easier for an effective experience.

Let’s Recap!

The essence of what I have shared is that boldly stepping outside our comfort zones requires mental strength, practicality, and wisdom. I understand how challenging making changes can be, so I have shared four effective ways to boldly step outside our comfort zones. These involve us starting with our passion or something important to us, tapping into our why-power, killing our fear with knowledge, and increasing the difficulty of our tasks over time. I can affirm their effectiveness. These approaches have been great for conquering fear, as I have tried them and observed them in our society. Therefore, we can find practical and useful ways to boldly step outside our comfort zones

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