Many people consider a new year as a time for a change, either through a “new year new me” or “redefine the old me” approach. I certainly know that I have felt this way. After leaving 2022, we learn a lot about our lives and businesses – our strengths and weaknesses combined. We may have also had life-changing experiences that prompt us to make vital changes. Thus, we are led to the question, should our approach be as drastic as ‘new year new me’, or ‘redefine the old me’? Let us explore what it means to take on a “new year, new me”, or “redefine the old me” approach to decide which one works for us.

New Year, New Me

I believe we have all gone through experiences, situations, and life lessons that make us want to feel like a “new person”. I have found that this “new me” mindset drives us to make drastic changes, especially for a new year. Whether we feel pushed to become a ‘new person” because of a painful experience like the passing of a loved one, or we seek to recover from a significant disappointment like losing our jobs, the “new year new me” strategy usually applies to making drastic changes in our lives and or/businesses.

When I look at our society, I see numerous people taking a “new year new me ” approach, including leaving a 9-5 job to run a business, relocating to a new country, ending close relationships or even undergoing complete appearance and/or lifestyle changes. The drastic change(s) tend to signify what we call a new chapter of our lives. Does this sound like what you feel like doing? If your answer is yes, you seem to be considering a “new year new me” strategy.

Before we take the plunge this year, we must consider the fact that these changes tend to be irreversible or very difficult to undo. Thus, we must think it through carefully. What are our reasons for making a particular change? What does this change entail? I encourage us to assess the advantages and disadvantages. Thus, conducting detailed research on the effects ad process of making a complete change is a good place to start. Then we can realistically consider the implications of living with this adjustment. In the end, I believe we will be satisfied with the “new year, new me” strategy once we are certain it is for us.

Redefine the Old Me

Change does not always have to be drastic, sometimes minor adjustments can be effective, right? When we commit to ongoing improvements to an area(s) of our personal and/or business life, I associate it with the “redefining the old me” strategy. The reality is that every day we learn something new or are reminded how to be better and do better. So, making daily modifications to things like our eating habits, exercise routines or business approaches lead to an effective outcome.

The repetitive, and usually reversible changes, involved in the “redefine the old me” approach has proven to be effective. Our society talks so much about developing good habits and being intentional and disciplined about making changes. This adjustment aligns with the “redefining the old me” way of bolstering our weaknesses into strengths, over time. Eventually, we see successful outcomes in life and business.

How will we know then if this approach is best for us? Let us start by honestly assessing our reasons for desiring this change. For example, are our reasons for change based on what’s trending, or do we desire this change because it is in our best interest? Then we need to learn the requirements for developing that new skill, a better habit, or even structuring for a new system. Next, we simplify this goal into smaller action steps in our daily routines. In the end, I believe we will confidently that we can indeed “redefine the old me”. Therefore, I encourage us to be educated and honest about our reasons for change before committing to the “redefine the old me” strategy.

What Have We Learned?

Now that we have explored what it means to have a “new year, new me” or “redefine the old me” approach, we can wisely choose between the two. However, we must never forget that before we make any changes, we need to know why we want to change and what the process will entail. Thus, we should research the ins and outs of the change and weigh the pros and cons involved. Furthermore, we have to realistically consider the day-to-day adjustments on an ongoing or irreversible basis. Then, we can truly decide if we need a “new year, new me” approach or a “redefine the old me” strategy. Whatever we decide, as long as we choose what is best for us, I support our discipline and journey this year and beyond.

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