How do you know you have found your passion? So many of us have asked ourselves and others this question. I know that I certainly have. The responses tend to vary and overlap from person to person. However, we hear people always refer to the signs as that purpose or ‘calling’ we identify as passion. I want to explore ways how you know you have found your passion. Today, I will share indicators that help you realize how you know you have found your passion.

Is Passion a Birth Trait, Learned, or Only a Feeling of Fulfilment?

I have talked to numerous people who wondered, how do you know you have found your passion? Usually, these conversations frequently lead to the follow-up question, is it a natural talent or something I can learn how to do? After years of experience and observing others, my answer is that it is a fulfillment that can either come with a birth trait or through developed competency.

Let us break it down. On the one hand, some naturally gifted people confess to not really liking the activity that comes with their talent. One case in point is Usain Bolt, the track and field star. He said in an interview that even though track and field rewarded him with great success, he was not passionate about it in his early years. Instead, his goals, discipline, and coaching fuelled his triumph. On the other hand, I have met people who loved things like nails, charity work, or even programming, so they learned to master the skills their passion required. Therefore, the purposeful energy and drive that compels you to do a particular thing is your passion, and it may be a birth trait or something you learn to do.

No Payment is Necessary

We are all familiar with an accomplished, contented, or excited person talking about a specific activity that never feels like work. Often we hear this individual say that he or she would do this task without payment. Many people do this, and you may be doing the same.

What some people call work, others undertake without receiving payment. The thought of being paid may never even cross your mind. You may be among those who think that no price tag matches your commitment to working long hours to complete a task, the desire to learn everything there is to know about the subject, or your sleepless nights to ensure you accomplish a goal. If you have this type of drive, you have found your passion.

Always Excited to Talk About It

We have all interacted with at least one person who always seems to talk animatedly about a particular subject. It may be related to work, a sport, leisure, or technology. Whatever the focus is, you and I watch the hours pass by as one passionately talks with no end in sight. Some may say this individual is ‘just chatty’, but they are wrong. Especially if he or she is usually shy or reserved, this enthusiasm only seems to appear for that particular subject. Have I described you? Then I am glad to say that you have identified your passion!

Let Us Recap!

In our quest to identify the thing(s) that make you feel like you are doing what you are meant to do, we identify simple signs that you have found your passion. Despite the fact that some passions can align with one’s natural gifts, there are others who develop the competency to live this passion. Whatever route this may take you, know that it always shows up with enthusiasm to talk about it and do the work. This priceless drive surpasses time, rest, and skills because you are destined to do it. I hope this served as a guide to help you realize unsuspecting areas you are passionate about.

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