Has anyone ever asked you the question of how do you know your strategy works effectively? It is a vital question that you and I need to answer. Too often, we stick to using the same plan of action or hasten to switch to a new one without knowing how to identify if we are applying the right approach. Hence, I ask again, do you know your strategy works effectively? I want to help you answer this inquiry. Thus, we will explore four reliable signs that you can say yes when asked, how do you know your strategy works effectively?


Consistency is key to success. We all create business strategies expecting to accomplish our goals, objectives, and targets. One of the best signs that our plans work effectively is when it produces positive results over an extended period.

This display of success signifies that you and I made significant improvements or remained constant. Whatever the case is, we will notice this favourable outcome in your earnings, clientele, and/or your productivity. Therefore, we can be confident in the methodology we use. Are you seeing positive consistency in your strategy?

Making Money

There is no successful business if we are not making money. When we increase our financial gains, we know our strategies are working. This happens when there is a growth in our revenues or even ongoing income generation. Sometimes we profit from new income streams, a very profitable contract, or reliable, fixed earnings. Once our strategy rewards us with financial gains, we know we are on the right track.

Increasing Reach

We apply various strategies to ensure that our business flourishes. The combination of our actions and plans aims to market our product or service to increase our reach. Therefore, any indication that we are connecting with more people, especially our correct target audience, signifies that our strategy is working.

Practical ways that we notice our reach increases are through growth in the online following, gaining paid clients, accessing new markets, and/or retaining loyal customers. However, this is only possible because we accomplish customer satisfaction, make the consumer experience worthwhile and deliver exceptional products and services. Once you notice these outcomes, you can feel confident that you are also using an effective strategy.

Better Productivity

No business is successful without an effective system. When we take a closer look at our international processes, policies, and behind-the-scenes activity, they must contribute to our efficiency to be productive strategies. We need reliable employees, workflows, and tools to do a good job. Hence, we should propel the strategy that ensures our internal success fuels our external success.

Let’s Recap!

There are some dependable ways to know if our strategy is effective. I shared that when we achieve consistency, make money, increase our reach, or accomplish better productivity, we know we are on the right track. Therefore, before you rush into a new plan, ensure the indicators that you are using the right approach. You can do it!

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