We have made it through over six months in the new year, and so much has happened. Have you ever wondered how to assess your new year’s strategies’ effectiveness? I know that I have. I found that dedicating three to six months to experiment with new business tactics resulted in me learning from my failures, developing problem-solving skills, and also improving my mindset. Based on my experiences, I have identified several great approaches. I recommend you learn how to assess your new year’s strategies’ effectiveness. To help you, I will highlight my top three tips on how to assess your new year’s strategies’ effectiveness.

Be Honest About the Effectiveness

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to be honest. I champion assessing your new year’s strategies’ effectiveness with an open and honest mindset. Through my experiences, I learned that this is the only way to objectively determine which steps, tools, and processes are effective. This is especially important for your personal and professional life.

Therefore, before you make any attempt to assess how effective your new year’s strategies were, commit to being honest throughout the process. I know that it can feel uncomfortable to acknowledge how our choices and decisions can lead to great failures and disappointments. However, you will never learn nor make useful changes if you cannot be honest about what went wrong and what you need to do to fix it.

Analyse Your Progress and Performance

Now that you are looking into how to assess your new year’s strategies’ effectiveness, I encourage you to break down the process. Bear in mind that success is more than accomplishing your goals. Instead, all of the steps you take towards achieving your objectives lead to reaching your goals.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this:

  1. Identify your series of actionable steps for each goal that ultimately leads you to fulfill your aim. Be sure to identify which tasks were completed and those that were incomplete.
  2. Determine, on a scale of one to 10, how effective you would rate the tools, procedures, and processes in helping you to meet your goals. Note that the higher you are rating, the greater the effectiveness.
  3. Lastly, draw a conclusion from your assessment. Decide what strategies contributed to accomplishing goals, such as increasing your efficiency and productivity. Also, take keen note of the areas for improvement.
Compare Your Past and Present Strategy 

Every year, you and I tend to create these brilliant-sounding goals, strategies, and plans. One important way to assess what works well for you and your business is by making a wise and fair comparison. This year, pause to test last year’s findings against this year’s outcomes.

Ask yourself the following questions to get you on the right track:

  • Which strategies from both years produced good results, and which ones failed?
  • Was there anything you could have done differently to make your strategies more effective?
  • What are the procedures and systems that need to be changed?
  • What have you learned from each year’s strategies to improve your business?
  • Are there any approaches that you should constantly use, and why?
  • Was last year’s or this year’s plans better, and why?
  • What strategies can you combine to make the rest of this year or next year’s efforts more effective?
What Have We Learned?

Our new year’s strategies are not effective if they do not meet our targets, right? The reason we establish master plans is that we have goals we want to achieve. Therefore, when we are assessing these plans of action, we should be honest when getting to the depth of what worked, what did not, and the reasons for the outcomes. Once you have concluded your analysis, you can figure out how to better plan and execute to meet your goals

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