New year’s goals, resolutions, and strategies are a common occurrence. However, we do commonly hear others bashfully acknowledge that their new year’s plans failed. Have you ever wondered about the reasons why new year’s strategies fail? Based on my observations and experiences, there are several repeated reasons why new year’s strategies fail. I will focus on six reasons why new year’s strategies fail.

Unrealistic Goals/Expectations

How can we fulfill our new year’s strategies when we have unrealistic goals and expectations? Too often, I hear and see people get excited about their big new year plans and changes. Soon afterward, these same people admit or show signs of failure.

When I asked them questions or analyzed the strategies they used, I started to realize a glaring fact. The fact was that their failures were due to unrealistic goals or expectations. Frequently, I find that these people fail or are failing because of poor planning or allocating insufficient time to implement measures.

Making the Right Commitment

It is easier to make plans than it is to remain committed to fulfilling them. We can all relate to this truth. So many times you and I have followed trends or tried doing something that seems to work well for a friend. However, we quickly learn that what works for another may not be best for us. Even when we start our plans with good intentions, the challenges we face can be a great deterrence from seeing them to fruition. Hence, we need to make commitments for the right reasons.

Unclearly Defined Goals

Goal setting is a great skill. It is more than merely identifying the things we want to accomplish. We need to highlight specific details, such as the time for completion. Therefore, we need to consider factors such as the target audience or key person(s) we need and the exact tasks or desired accomplishments When we are too vague we leave room to easily make excuses or procrastinate.

Lack of Motivation

We typically feel excited whenever we start working on making our dreams and goals a reality. Then, gradually, we start feeling tired, stressed, or stuck in a routine. It is no surprise that our self-motivation also fades over time. However, it is up to us to boost our drive and willpower to keep going.

We need reliable plans to overcome the times when we lack self-motivation. Once we know the fun, inspiring, and “energy-boosting” activities, actions, or things we can use to refuel our drive. Sometimes we may even need extra help, such as having a mentor or accountability partner. Whatever we choose, we all need those sources of motivation to include in our daily routines.


Do not give up. Success requires us to be consistent. That means we do not only work towards our goals when we “feel like it”. We also keep going when we don’t. That is why we need to have plans in our new year’s strategies to sustain our consistency. Hence, we need to develop habits, routines, and efficiency systems. We can also develop a strong focus and willpower to succeed. Remember, there is no such thing as an overnight success, but the rewards of consistently working towards success.

Let’s Recap!

Too often new year’s goals, plans, and strategies. Even though I have highlighted and shared six of my observations and reasons why new year’s strategies fail, there are many more. However, the key point to note is that we play a key role in ensuring success. Therefore, let us ensure that we carefully execute well-thought-out plans, and be willing to take every mental and physical approach necessary to achieve triumph. All the best!

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