“Self-care is how you take your power back,” are Lalah Delia’s powerful words. This fact is very relatable when we’ve burned ourselves out. Whether we exhaust our bodies to the point of illness, anxiety, depression, or other negative repercussions, the recovery process is necessary to start feeling like ourselves again. I had to learn how to recover from burnout. If you’re facing this problem, you also need to know how to recover from burnout. Check out my advice below on how to recover from burnout.

  • Take a closer look at your diet. Ensure that you are getting enough nutrients to fuel your body, especially to match your workload.
  • Get enough exercise. We have all heard that exercise releases happy hormones and keeps us fit and healthy.
  • Review your schedule. Check your schedule to ensure you’re balancing work time, leisure time, family time, and self-care time as best as you can going forward. 
  • Rest as much as you can. Your body becomes physically and mentally exhausted. Rest is just what you need to recharge your energy. 
  • Learn the lesson that you should not overwhelm yourself with work. Assess your current work system and support system to ensure that you manage your workload well.
  • Enjoy your downtime by doing the things you love to do and trying new things. After the hassle and bustle of work, having fun is a well-needed change.

Burnout is no joke! It is a wake-up call that tells us we need to change, otherwise, our bodies will rebel. I have been there. I had to learn how to recover from burnout. Now it is your turn to take action to be a healthier, happier, and more productive you. I hope the list of advice I gave is helpful for you.

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