Do you sometimes feel like time is rushing by, and you are left struggling to complete the work you need to do? I know that feeling, it is a warning sign to reassess your time management. Over the years, I have tried several things that teach how to maximize your work time. Some worked, others didn’t, but I have gotten better at personalizing a productivity and efficiency strategy for how to maximize your work time. Check out my list of seven simple yet effective ways to maximize your work time.

Plan Ahead

Planning each workday ahead of time goes a far way in maximizing your productivity. Instead of scrambling to figure out what you need to do, having a daily, weekly, and monthly planner keeps you organized, aware of deadlines, and provides a comforting sense of structure, especially for freelancers working from home.

Utilize Productivity Tools

Identify and appropriately use tools such as diary planners, stopwatches, phone alarms to plan and track how much time you spend on each task or activity during work hours.

Time Yourself

Monitor the time you spend on each task to keep yourself on schedule. Using a timer or stopwatch can help you to fulfill your tasks within the timeframe you scheduled without affecting another task or missing out on rest or meals.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking slows down productivity. Many would disagree, but if we really think about it our minds are processing one thing at a time. Thus, if we still attempt to do multiple things at once, we must ensure that they can seamlessly be done together, for example, listening to audio and repeating the information for a voice-to-text transcription.

Choose Your Priorities Well

Focus most of your time and energy on each day’s urgent tasks instead of menial ones, such as sorting through your emails or updating a database.

Start Your Workday the Right way

Start your day right by choosing the right priority task to do. Instead of starting off your day with a time-intensive task, such as drafting a design, opt to do another priority task that takes lesser time, such as responding to a time-sensitive e-mail

Delegate or Outsource

Delegate menial tasks, such as filing, to a team member, or outsource aid from a competent and efficient virtual assistant. Yow will still get your administrative tasks done, meanwhile, you focus on urgent tasks.

There are several ways that we can maximize our work time, these are only a few of the available options. Whatever you choose to do the reward lies in the increase in your productivity and efficiency. Hopefully, these seven tips and advice are helpful for you.

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