Would you like to know some important dos and don’ts for transcribers? I certainly wanted this type of guidance when I was starting up my online transcription business. Out of the many lessons that I have learned, I have compiled my 10 dos and don’ts for transcribers that I believe every freelancer needs to know. Check out below my 10 dos and don’ts for transcribers.

  1. Do not submit an unedited machine transcript. Instead, you should always ensure that you review your transcripts to correct the errors that the transcription tool might have made.
  2. Never take a long time to respond to your Fiverr messages. When you have a longer response time, the platform will mark down your ratings. If you cannot reply promptly, try to answer within half an hour to an hour.
  3. Avoid accepting jobs without checking the file. At times, you will receive a file that you cannot transcribe. Therefore, you should ask to check the file to save you the trouble of cancelling the order and/or upsetting your client.
  4. Do not rush to submit your final transcript without repeatedly checking its accuracy. My recommendation is to proofread your draft at least three (3) times before delivering the document to your client.
  5. You must not ignore instructions. To ensure customer satisfaction, you have to fulfill the requirements of the job. For example, you received specific directions to insert timestamps, but you incorrectly applied the timestamps because you overlooked the message.
  6. Do not do lazy work and expect to get positive reviews. Remember that each job affects your reviews and reputation. Hence, always aim to exceed your client’s expectations.
  7. Avoid accepting more jobs than you can manage. The transcription process can be time-consuming. That is why you should not compromise the quality of your work because you are rushing to complete too many jobs. Always aim to maintain your high work quality by giving yourself enough time to complete each transcript.
  8. Never make assumptions. Some transcribers try to take the easy route of noting information as inaudible because they do not want the hassle of trying to figure out what was said. If you are unsure of what you heard, research online, and then, if you have no other option, ask the client to provide you with clarification.
  9. Do not be dishonest about the content in a file. When your client realizes that what you identified as inaudible can be heard, you will get a negative review. Therefore, you should spend the time to honestly and accurately transcribe each file. Your reputation depends on it.
  10. When your client asks for a clean transcript, never submit it with vocal fillers. Instead, you must carefully listen to the audio to identify and remove fillers, including repeated words.

I have learned numerous dos and don’ts for transcribers. Even though I have many tips for you, I have chosen these ten (10) vital pieces of advice that you need to know. If you are new to transcription you can click here for more advice to guide you. Sometimes you may slip up here or there, and that’s okay. However, you should try to adhere to these for a more successful transcription experience.

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