There are good freelancers and there are great freelancers. What distinguishes one from the other is the willingness to learn, grow and become the best, or among the best, in the field. As a result, the great freelancers pull consumers because they are more professional, and have great track records. I am on a quest to learn strategies to level up my online freelancing business. Wouldn’t you like to do the same? If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place. I want to share what I have learned as strategies to level up my online freelancing business. Read on as we explore my 4 key strategies to level up my online freelancing business.

Have Multiple Streams of Income

I believe that we have all heard this one before – have multiple streams of income. This is an effective strategy because we do not solely rely on one source of earning. In the event that one income-generating avenue fails, it is beneficial to have other reliable ways to ensure that we can keep your business afloat and cater to our financial obligations. Some income-generating options that we can consider are:
Investing in stocks.
i) Learning and mastering new skills that we can monetize online.
ii) Creating and selling online courses that teach people what we do.
iii) Have a monetized YouTube channel for our business.
iv) Have a monetized blog for our business.
v) Consider investing in other in-demand businesses, like delivery services.

Whatever we choose to do, the simple fact is that having more sources of income means earning more money. So ask yourself this question, “how can I diversify my income stream today?”

Create a Workforce

Have you ever heard the expression “no man is an island, no man stands alone”? I have, and I know that many persons have as well. This simply means that to succeed in life, we need the help and support of others. This is very true in business. Not because we are freelancers does it mean that we should do everything by ourselves.

The more successful we become, the more hands we will need to keep up with the influx of work that we receive. If we want to accept more jobs and increase our profits, then we will need help. We will need help to keep delivering excellent service and quality work. Three ways in which we may get additional help are to hire employees to whom we can delegate tasks, outsource our work to other persons/businesses, or do a combination of both. You will have to decide which option works best for you.

Have an Effective Team

In addition to having an efficient and effective workforce to do the jobs, it is good to have a business team. There are so many tasks that we do as freelancers that should reconsider investing so much of our time to do. When our business becomes bigger and more successful, we need to manage our time better so that we can prioritize doing more for our business to succeed. Thus, we should start considering hiring competent individuals to manage the following:
1) Menial administrative tasks, like responding to emails and messages.
2) Financial tracking for our income generation, payroll, and filing our taxes.
3) Marketing and public relations affairs to promote and brand our business.

The more our business grows into a success, the more we should think about how to invest our time wisely. In doing so, we should aim to offer better professional services, without sacrificing our earnings, productivity, and loyalty of our customers. Having a team can help us to do this and so much more.

Develop a Good Brand

We have all seen the clear difference between the persons who do a good job but are not publicly known for their expertise, versus the professionals who are the familiar and trusted faces in the business industries. The key to having an effective presence is branding. Hence, we as Online Entrepreneurs need to think about and value the images and messages we send through our online presence.

Whether this is communicated via social media, on freelancing platforms, through a business website, interviews, or even simple things like having a business letterhead, we need to take our branding seriously. Our brand needs to be clear, professional, and consistent. As a result, we should not hesitate to invest in professional guidance to manage and market your social media platforms, hire a publicist and/or image consultant to mold and market our branded services, and never cease to develop skills, such as public speaking.

Whatever level you’re at in your freelancing journey, do not think small. Think bold, confident, and successful. Even if you offer your services as a side-hustle, you just may consider transforming it into a full-time business when its success outweighs that of your 9-5 job. The essential point is to always choose to put your best foot forward in business. On one hand, your level of earnings and financial independence will grow. On the other hand, your clients will trust, respect, and take you seriously when you do

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