Have you ever wondered why some freelancers are successful meanwhile, others are unsuccessful? I have come to realize that our lifestyles can make or break our success as freelancers. Yes, our daily business operations matter. Yet, the root of our success stems from our daily routines. I have identified 6 success tips for a freelancer’s daily routine. There are many more things that we can do, but these are my 6 success tips for a freelancer’s daily routine that are vital. Here are my 6 success tips for a freelancer’s daily routine:

1 Practice Meal Prepping

It is so easy to forget to eat. After a long day’s work, food is sometimes the last thing on our minds. Why? Simply because we get caught rushing to meet deadlines, spending long hours working at our computer screens, or giving in to the temptation to get some much-needed sleep. 

Instead, let’s make it easier and more convenient to eat by meal prepping. This way, we can ensure that we eat healthily, on time, and benefit from instant meals or a fast cooking turn-around time.

2. Adhere to Ergonomics

At some point in time, we should have all heard about ergonomics. Simply put, this entails the encouraged best practices for a more comfortable and healthier working condition in our working environments. If none of the tips come to mind, think back to the advice you receive about the proper way to adjust your computer screen, keyboard, and chair. 

If you still are not familiar with these guidelines, take the time to research and familiarize yourself with ergonomics. Trust me, it works!

3. Do Not Wander Throughout the Day Without a Plan!

Persons who tend to have a system or plan to guide their daily tasks are usually more productive than people without one. These planners better position themselves to practice time management through their productivity guide. 

Some freelancers do not have a plan, and it causes their businesses to suffer or not perform as well as they could. I know that when I go about my day without any preparation, I have to deal with the added challenges of procrastination, feeling confused when determining where to start, and, at times, feeling overwhelmed with the effort of trying to keep track of everything I need to do. Do not let this happen to you!

Invest time and effort into finding a way to manage your time, track your tasks from greater priority to lesser in urgency, and prepare yourself mentally with a daily guide that you can adjust as you go along. Simply put, have a plan of action.

4. Track Your Progress

Various things go into the day-to-day operations of running a freelancing business, even if we only do it as a side-hustle. Not only do we have jobs to keep on track, but there are our finances and maybe even our employees to manage. Thus, we need to have a system in place to keep us efficient. 

If you do not have an efficient system, spend the time to learn about ways to improve your business operations. As you do this, be sure to keep yourself aware of your progress in completing each job, find a way to be mindful of the steps you need to take to fulfill your priorities, and even invest in a finance system to manage your earnings.

5. Make an Effort to Relax

Many freelancers will tell you that it can be so easy to lose themselves in their work. Full-time freelancers will attest to this fact! We can find ourselves spending long hours at our computer screen then later we pay the price for it. 

Everything in life requires balance. Most importantly, we need to balance our productivity with self-care and make wise chooses about what should be our priorities. Relaxation should always be among our priorities! 

So, think about doing things like scheduling breaks. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that you make relaxation your priority. In return, your productivity and health will reward you in the end.

6. Rest is Always Relevant!

I think that at some point in time, every freelancer tries to justify missing out on well-needed rest. Yes, there will be times when the urgency of a job compels us to get little to no sleep because we don’t want to let down our clients when we miss our deadlines. I understand this feeling, but there has to be a balance. We have to take the necessary steps to ensure that we are not “running our bodies down” by not getting our rest.

Remember, work will continue with or without us, even if it means that someone else does the job. So we must try to manage our time well. We must be know how much workload we can handle. Our health and well-being are more important than the job we are destroying it to do.

These are only a few approaches to succeeding in a freelancing business through our lifestyle choices. I hope that they will help you.

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