When we write a resume, curriculum vitae, application letter, or professional biography, our aim is to make a memorable impact on the reader. Similarly, we must try this same approach with our online professional profiles. Remember, that our profile builds trust, relatability, credibility and displays our personality for potential clients and other professionals. Hence, we need to know how to write a good professional profile. Over the years, I have identified effective ways how to write a good professional profile. Let’s explore how to write a professional online profile.

What is a professional profile?

Our professional profile is a brief introduction that tells the reader vital information about our professional experiences, qualifications, achievements, and competence. Some people relate their professional profile to the “elevator pitch”. However, even though the professional profile is similar, it is also very different

Tips for writing a good professional profile

When we work online, we may never meet our potential clients and business partners. Hence, it is vital to effectively introduce ourselves if we want to make a good impression on the reader. Check out these things you can do to write a good online professional profile:

Say more with fewer words

You only have the online viewers’ attention for a few seconds. Thus, it is best to quickly get to the point. Write your profile in a paragraph, list key information, or apply a combination of the two, use fewer words when highlighting your experiences, accomplishments, and skills.

Use keywords

Grab the attention of the reader by using adjectives like ‘achieved’ and ‘increased’ to get the reader to focus on specific details that describe you as the best candidate for the job.

Practically describe your skills

It is vague to simply describe your skills by say ‘I am a good communicator, but it is effective when you apply it to a practical situation. For example, I am a fluent English and Spanish speaker with 10 years of experience communicating in the written and oral form with my inbound clients. In this example, you describe a situation where you have built up years of competency in communicating with customers.

Quantify where possible

Instead of saying that you have helped numerous clients to increase their annual sales, quantify your effectiveness in a way that indicates your great achievement. For example, over my 5 years of providing social media marketing for clients in diverse industries, I consistently doubled and tripled their annual earnings through my personalized and memorable marketing strategies.

Bring your personality to life

You will only remain words on a paper or screen unless you weave your personality into your profile. Even though your profile is about presenting yourself as a professional, it is important to make it interesting enough for the viewer to read. As you move from one sentence to another, make smooth transitions, use descriptive adjectives, without being wordy, and describe how your character has improved or contributed to your increased competency.

Speak to your target audience

Always bear in mind your target audience when choosing the tone and level of formality of your writing. This is very important for your online audience. Decide whether to use professional jargon, simple or complex wording, and consider the overall diversity of varying cultures and needs of your viewers.

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