Are you having challenges verifying your Fiverr account? I can relate. Even though Fiverr provides instructions and guidance via Fiverr Help, it can be hassling to complete the process. Why? Simply because we overlook some important details during the Fiverr account verification process. Let’s explore important details to note when undertaking your Fiverr account verification.

Firstly, please note these important details before we address the factors that cause your Fiverr Account Verification problems.

When you are validating your identity, you must submit the following documents online in an image or PDF format:

  • Proof of Identity – This may differ, based on your country of residence. However, the typical options are a passport, government-issued identification, and a driver’s license.
  • Proof of Identity – This may differ, based on your country of residence. However, the typical options are a passport, government-issued identification, and a driver’s license.
Important details typically overlooked during the Fiverr Account Verification process

The reason why many persons have a difficult time verifying their account, despite following Fiverr’s instructions tend to be caused by the following:

  1. Undertaking the procedure on a laptop instead of a phone. A smartphone is better equipped to take good pictures than a laptop/desktop computer.
  2. Poor quality images. The images being submitted need to be clear. Avoid using devices or locations that would produce dark and blurry photos.
  3. Incorrect selfie image orientation. The instruction will clearly state the correct phone orientation when taking your selfie. Ensure that you adhere to this instruction.
  4. An expired/invalid document. Even if you have submitted the correct identification document, you must ensure that the expiration date has not passed. 
  5. The seller exceeds the 14 days timeframe. Fiverr allows their sellers 14 days to complete the verification procedure. Even if you have been having challenges completing the process, your account will still be disabled if you do not finalize this requirement in the allocated time.
What do you do when you miss the account verification deadline?

Option 1

Check your inbox for the email that you used to set up your Fiverr account. Carefully read to the ending of the message from Fiverr as they tend to provide a second chance to redo the process. Select the clickable link and pay keen attention to the instructions as you reattempt completing your account verification.

Option 2

Visit Fiverr Help, specifically the customer support to submit a ticket. 

To create a Customer Support Ticket, you may click HERE

Afterward, follow the steps below to do your ticket:

  1. Select the options that best describe your problem (account issues -> my seller account -> my account was disabled) the drop-downs.

2. Type the subject for your ticket, for example, Incomplete Account Verification.

3. In the description box, state the relevant information like your Fiverr name, the date your account was disabled, note all of the attempts you made to verify your account.

4. Submit your ticket and await feedback from Fiverr Customer Support via your Fiverr email.

In a nut shell, that is how you approach verifying your Fiverr account. All the best verifying your identity on Fiverr!

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