We have all heard stories and assumptions about being an Online Freelancer. Some a true whilst others are false. I want to help you to distinguish the truth from the lies. Hence, based on my experience as an Online Freelancer/Entrepreneur, I’m going to share with you some myths and facts about Online Freelancers. We’re going to explore 5 myths and facts about Online Freelancers. My myths and facts about Online Freelancers are:

Myth #1: It is hard to become a successful Online Freelancer

When I’ve talked to persons or heard discussions about freelancing online, there have been numerous apprehensive remarks. Some people don’t believe that it can be successful and profitable. I have even heard the outright accusations that it is a scam, fake news, or a side hustle that could never replace a 9-5 job.

Fact: They are WRONG!
On one hand, having a successful online freelancing business is truthfully not an overnight success. However, there are the exceptions, like persons who had an existing popular business and brand, whose online transition tends to be quite seamless and successful.

On the other hand, people, like myself, have done it. What’s the secret? They are as follow:
1) Offer services that people need.
2) Work hard and work smart.
3) Invest time and effort into mastering the skills that you need to do a good job.
4) Strategically and intentionally grow your business over time.
5) Aim to consistently combine doing good jobs with providing great customer service.

Myth #2: You Won’t Make a lot of Money Working Online

When we browse freelancing sites like Fiverr, we see freelancers offering their services for as low as $5. Instantly, many wonder “How can Online Freelancers make a good profit if they need to work at low prices to beat out their competitors for clients?”

Fact: Yes, doing low-paying jobs won’t make start-up Online Freelancers rich, but the build-up of completing many of these jobs quickly and consistently will increase earnings.

Furthermore, some start-up freelancers use this strategy to build clientele whilst they developing a popular service and master of their craft. Later they increase their prices, offer additional services at “add-on” costs and they are wisely marketing to a wider audience whilst outsourcing assistance to keep up with the jobs.

Notably, there are those professionals and experts who offer premium services at high costs. There are also more instantaneous large earning opportunities like contractual bulk offers that freelancers can utilize.

Simply put, freelancing online can be a profitable business.

Myth #3: Having a Successful Online Freelancing Business is too Hard

I’ve heard the murmuring of those who say that they have tried being an Online Freelancer but required too much hard work, long hours, and an unpredictable timeline for steady clientele to come in. As a result, they gave up.

Fact: The reality is that each freelancer succeeds at his and her own pace. However, no Online Entrepreneur will strive without putting in the work. I have had to work hard and smartly and you will have to do the same too.

What helps is to have strategies like marketing your services to an audience beyond the platform, such as via social media and word-of-mouth, to persons/businesses that can use your services.

In essence, anything we want in life requires hard work, smarts, and dedication.

Myth #5: It is a Risk to Trust People to Pay You Online

One of the frequently asked questions that I have seen or heard, when persons hear/research freelancing online is, “How do you get paid?” Understandably, there is hesitation when the thought of not seeing your client raises the fear of how do you ensure that he/she pays you for the work you’ve done.

Fact: Freelancing platforms have a system in place that ensures that the work is paid for, once you agree to do the job. Please note though, that each platform differs in its terms and conditions. However, the typical procedure is that you get paid after completing and submitting your work.

What is important is that you take the necessary steps to ease this fear.
1) Read up on the freelancing platform that you’re working on to better understand how they safeguard your payment details.
2) Ensure that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions for payment.
3) Play your part by ensuring that your payment option is functioning smoothly. For eg. ensure that your bank account is still active so that it can receive your funds.

These are only a few of the myths and facts that I know about freelancing online. My advice for you is to always remember that whenever you’re in doubt, research, ask/learn from trustworthy individuals and you may, where possible, carefully test your option(s) before making a serious commitment.

All the best freelancing online!

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