When we are the boss, our skills and ability to manage and sustain our business solely rely on whether we succeed or fail. Especially, as an Online Freelancer/Entrepreneur, this will require hard work and dedication. The reality about freelancing online is that it requires us to have more than only skills and competency to do a good job. We need to demonstrate the personality traits or key characteristics of a successful online entrepreneur. There are some key characteristics of a successful online entrepreneur that I’ve identified over the years.

Let’s take a look at the following key characteristics of a successful online entrepreneur:


Whatever we are doing in life, we all need motivation, especially if there aren’t persons around us who are supporting us. This is especially important for Online Entrepreneurs/Freelancers because running a business can be quite difficult at times. 

We must take the time out to identify the goals that we are working towards. During challenging times, we may even find it encouraging to have our vision boards and tune into motivational videos when we need that extra dose of inspiration. 

Simply put, it is up to us to sustain our mental willpower to succeed because if we don’t have the drive to work hard and build our business, no one else can do it for us.


When we are working from home, it requires a lot of self-discipline. Bear in mind that we won’t have someone to hold us accountable. So, if we procrastinate or neglect to do a good job the repercussions solely fall upon us. 

As a result, we have to develop and sustain the right mindset to ensure our productivity if we want to have a successful business.


Resilience is vital for our success. There will be challenges, sometimes we will feel overwhelmed by all the work we have to do or maybe dismayed by the lack of clients. 

Other times, the repetition of spending long hours working at our computer may start to “wear us down”. When these times come, it will be our resilience that will keep us from giving up on our business.


It takes courage to look past the risks and invest our time and money into starting a business, accepting jobs that are out of our comfort zones, and seeking out new clients. 

Every step along the way, courage is what will help us to take those bold steps and actions, even if we have to do them afraid.


Being organized is essential for our “peace of mind” and the smooth flow of our business. Thus, we must create a workspace that facilitates the ease of access to our resources and ensure the efficiency and productivity of our work. 

We must also practice good management of our time, finances, and workload, even if we have to utilize applications and a system to keep us “on track”.

Problem Solving

There is a saying that says “whatever can go wrong will go wrong”, this is true in business. Times will come when it feels like everything is going wrong. When those moments occur, it is up to us to solve the problems.

If it is the lack of or a low number of clients, we have to find creative ways to advertise and market our business. When we have technical issues, for example, malfunctioning equipment, we have to be creative and adaptable to ensure that the work gets done on time.


Having a work-life balance is key. Even though we have the demands of our jobs, there are still the demands of our personal life to contend with. As a result, we have to manage our time wisely so that our work gets done on time and in the order of urgency, and still take breaks to care for our health, family, and wellbeing. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution so we have to create the individual solution that works best for each of us.


This is a mental ability that works alongside other characteristics like prioritizing, self-motivation and self-discipline. 

Being focused when working online requires us to give our full attention to the task at hand, separate our personal life and its distractions from the work we are doing, and intentionally going through the process of doing our jobs instead of procrastinating.

Good Communication

Providing good communication is important for giving our customers satisfaction. We need to be sure that we clearly understand our clients’ requests, respond quickly to messages, and engage in conversation in a warm and respectfully professional manner.

All of these characteristics ensure that we attend to our clients to the best of our ability so that our customers will feel like they had a good experience working with us. However, these are only a few important traits, but, if we master them, they will do hand-in-hand with doing a good job to ensure the success of our business.

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