One of the greatest concerns expressed by persons interested in working online is their uncertainty about accessing online job payments. Through my experiences working online, I have learned about a variety of platforms that offer safe and quick access to online payments. To ease your concerns, we will look a some frequently asked questions about accessing online payments.

4 frequently asked questions about accessing online payments are:

1. How can I access my online payments?

When you work online as a freelancer, you will find that freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr give you limited options for transferring your payments from their platform to your pocket. However, in reality, there are a variety of options from which you can choose. Some platforms, like Fiverr, accommodate direct money transfer to your bank account, in addition to other online platforms, but, for a fee.  

Two popular, virtual money transaction platforms that I have found are Paypal and Payoneer.

If you reside in what is call an international country, for example, I live in Jamaica, the alternative options I have found include transferring funds through Western Union or Money Gram.

A vital point to note though, is that the options are greatly dependent on the platform that you are using to receive your payment. I have discovered that some platforms do not give you an option and you may end up using a high fee avenue or a less popular means, like Bitsafe.

2. What documents will I need to provide when setting up my virtual money transfer account?

We will all find that conducting any online monetary transaction these days, are becoming increasingly challenging, especially if you are trying to access payments from a site. This is because online space are increasingly stricter in their efforts to protect users privacy and ensure money transactions are legally conducted.

As a result, online platforms will request images and/or pdf files of documents that verify our identifications. The requirements vary from platform to platform, the common requests are for proof of identification, proof of address, and, sometimes, a request for a selfie image.

An example of proof of address is a bill in your name, like a utility bill.

Examples of requested proof of identification documents are passports or your National Identification Card.

3. What is the best online, money transaction platform?

Each money transaction option varies from situation to situation. In some instances, your money retrieval options may have a transfer fee. Otherwise, every platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you will have to choose what works best for you.

One benefit of using Paypal is the lack of a money transfer fee once the users sends funds to a bank within the in the United States of America. However, people with their bank in an international country, like in the Caribbean, tend to find the transfer rate to be high, when compared with others.

Thus far, Payoneer, which provides a card for a yearly fee of USD30, is my preferred option. The rate to transfer funds has been relatively low. What I also like is that opt-out of using my Payoneer Card, or in the case of my fellow Jamaicans without a foreign currency account, transferring foreign currenc,y that will be converted to my local currency, the conversion fee is relatively low.

International residents, if they do not have a bank account, may find the Western Union or Money Gram option to be good. However, I am personally aware of the increasingly demanding verification process.

4. What things should I consider when choosing a good virtual, money transaction platform?

When selecting a suitable means of retrieving your online funds, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

i) What is the fee I will incur when transferring my money to my account?

ii) If I need to use my money to make online purchases, is this platform accessible through online sites such as Amazon?

iii) How long does the process take to transfer funds to my card/bank account?

iv) Can I trust this platform to safeguard my money?

v) What are the reviews like from users?

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