Working from home has been a convenient and effective experience for persons working online. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous persons have had to resort to finding online jobs or doing their work remotely. Though many would think this transition would be easy and comfortable, we have all heard the outcries of an alarming number of persons about the challenges of working from home as they wonder how to set up a work-from-home space. I’m going to share with you tips on how to set up a work-from-home space to ensure your productivity.

Identify a designated workspace

Many persons create a make-shift space or simply work anywhere they find themselves. We have all had that moment when we settle into our beds, on the living room couch, or at the dining table, get the job done. Though this is a convenient option, and we can still be productive, this is not the best choice.

Similar to how an office workspace is structured for us to have easy accessibility to our tools and equipment, facilitate some level of comfort, and to encourage us to focus on completing our tasks, our work from home space should accomplish the same and more. We can even take it a step further to increase our comfort. Since we are working from home we can decorate and personalize our space in a way that we could not do for our office space.

Get creative, choose a specific place at home to be your designated workspace. Choose a location with good lighting, one that is removed from the household activity, and preferably, a space with a door that you can close. Your mind will mentally associate productive working with this space.

Personalize your workspace

When setting up a workspace, there is no “one-size-fit-all” approach, however, there are some basic things to do when designing your work area. Ensure that you have a reasonably sized desk, comfortable chair that supports your back, and structure your surroundings for ease of access to the books, stationaries, devices, and equipment that you will use.

Remember to ensure that has access to a charging socket and do not to clutter the space with too many things. Similar to how we can only focus at a time, use only what is needed in the moment before replacing it with the next things for the next task. Additionally, try to incorporate things that befits your learning or working style. Therefore, consider personal details such as if you work better with music or silence so that your space will suit you.

Consider ergonomics

We have all heard about ergonomics at some point in time. In essence, ergonomics entails organizing and designing a workspace with equipment, products, and systems that fit the user. To prevent a repetitive strain injury there are factors to consider when creating an ergonomically inclined space. Hence, ensure that your back and neck receive the right support to sit up straight, choose an adjustable chair and desk to ensure that it suits your height and comfort, ensure that you have an armrest, and have a monitor that is at eye level.

Acquire the products and systems

When structuring your workspace there are a variety of products, systems, and equipment that aid our functionality and productivity. Consider, investing in the following tools and equipment:

  1. A desk lamp and/or bulb that provides adequate lighting
  2. An office desk that provides you with adequate tabletop space, drawers for storage, and a slide-out shelf for your mouse and keyboard. 
  3. An office chair that is adjustable and provides good back support and armrest.
  4. A computer or laptop with good storage and display quality
  5. Reliable internet connectivity (WiFi)
  6. External storage, for example, an external hard drive
  7. Extension cords (if you have limited access to charging ports)
  8. Earphone or headphone

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