A vital lesson that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that we need to be adaptable. We have all heard of or seen across the world the many job losses and reduction in work hours. People are seeking alternative options to earn and the online space is a convenient, remote alternative, that lets you earn in foreign currencies and have a profitable business. Let’s explore some online freelancing services in-demand online during the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you’re wondering what types of online freelancing services in-demand during the COVID-19 outbreak, go ahead and check out these profitable options.

1. Freelance Transcriber

Undoubtedly, I have to start with transcription, it is one of my favourites and my most profitable freelancing skill.

I’ve used this skill to earn a lot of money before the COVID-19 outbreak and I’m still successful in the midst of the outbreak.

Some wonder, “Isn’t it a hard skill to learn?” Believe me, it is not.

I started out as a single mother without access to tools to assist me to convert the video and audio files into a text document (transcription). Now, use free and paid tools like the free mp3 Cutter and Otranscribe to help me.

Over time, I’ve practiced, explored tools to increase my efficiency, and ensured that I offer great customer service. I have built an agency, a good Get Paid To type Course and I even consult people on online entrepreneurship.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out freelance transcription!

2. Freelance Teaching Online

Working as a freelance teacher has always been a good option when thinking about earning outside of the 9-5 career.

Now, this is greater demand since the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the face-to-face school system leaving many parents and students struggling to adapt to remote learning.

Hence, why not consider being the exam tutor since parents are desperate to be relieved of the hassle of finding creative and effective ways to ensure their children are learning online?

Another option is to become an Online English Teacher. Foreigners have been using this as a reliable income-generating avenue when they can’t work in the foreign country in which they reside.

Therefore, whether you’re in a first-world country like those in Europe, America, and the United Kingdom, or you’re in countries in the Caribbean, or elsewhere, go ahead and look into the opportunities and requirements for teaching English online.

3. Freelance Virtual Assistant

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and countries all over the world went into lockdown, a large number of employees found themselves learning to adapt to working remotely.

Businesses, in their efforts to remain relevant, maintain communication with customers, and ensure that they continued to earn, increasingly sought the assistance of online freelancers to get various tasks done.

The skills offered as a virtual assistant can be individual or combined services. These include making phone calls for appointment setting and surveys or even sending emails.

I know that freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork that were already offering freelancing services were thriving, but the influx of demands for competitive prices and competence has made freelancing a profitable move.

If you don’t know what to do, research online courses, YouTube videos and, blogs as there are many that talk about how to earn as a Virtual Assistant, or using the skill that you have to freelance. If you’re looking for good online earning courses, consider checking out Internet Income Jamaica.

4. Freelance Digital Designer/Content Creator

A Digital Designer is a person who creates interesting multimedia and graphics that include websites, animations, and social media content.

Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 on conducting face-to-face business, companies are searching for these freelancers to ensure that they have a good online presence.

These customers are seeking freelancers/contract workers who can create interesting and effective digital content that will attract the limited attention of their target audience, strategically promote their goods and services, and attain paid consumers in the end.

So, whether you’re good at creating logos, making thumbnails for YouTube, editing videos, creating social media posts, or even flyers, start looking into selling your services online.

5. Web Designer

Having an online presence during COVID-19 has helped businesses to maintain their relevance. On one hand, businesses without a website are increasing the demand for freelancers who can create, design, and set-up web pages.

On the other hand, companies with websites are investing in improving their websites, especially if they move all of their ordering online, diversify the capabilities and content shared, or even make their virtual space more engaging and user-friendly.

If you have this skill, register with as many platforms as you can manage to reach more potential clients, and if you don’t have this skill, consider investing in a course to learn it if you’re passionate about using it to make some money.

6. Social Media Manager/Marketer

In addition to having a website, having a social media account is a great tool. They maintain clients’ relevance, reach existing and new clients, earning money, and promoting goods and services.

It is no wonder that a Social Media Manager/Marketer is being sought by businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Whether the platform is TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, it works. You can grow clients’ followers, increase their chances for sales and maintain their relevance among the competition.

Give it some thought, could freelancing online be a profitable business for you? These are only a few among the many profitable freelancing jobs.

I hope that you were able to find these suggestions helpful. If you did, learn more about freelancing platforms that can advertise your service(s), set-up your profile, and start building your successful online business.

I did it and I know that you can too!

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