There are only 24 hours in a day, what do you choose to do with your time? For an Online Entrepreneur, your time is your money, especially when you’re just starting up your business. As a successful Online Entrepreneur, I have time management advice for Online Entrepreneurs. I’ll never forget those early years when I worked around the clock.  Being a single mother with two kids, I tried to get as much work done as possible because completing more jobs equalled more money earned.

However, I have learned a lot about time management over the years. Yes, it is vital to invest as much time into doing successful jobs if you want to earn more money, but time management is more than that. I want to share my time management advice for Online Entrepreneurs with you.

Plan Ahead

Instead of rushing into the new day and trying to figure out what you need to do, take a few minutes to plan. Whether you use your virtual calendar, notepad or diary write down all that you need to do and want to do. Not only should you create a list, but also decide how much time you want to spend on each task.

When you start planning out your days, you feel more assured about what you need to do when you need to do it and you start to think about investing your time into tasks. This is important as you start to develop the mindset of investing your time doing tasks that matter, instead of simply doing what you feel like do when you feel like doing it.

Time Management = Prioritize Your Time

Balancing a personal and professional life can be challenging for online freelancers. Yet, it is something that we must always strive to do. Yes, invest the hours needed to do each task successfully, develop your skills to the point of mastery and keep striving to grow your business. Still, your personal life is as important as your professional life.

 There is a reason why you work so hard, never forget that. Let your “why” keep you motivated when the routine long hours of those early years start to feel stressful or mundane. However, let your “why” also be the driving factor to prioritize the people, things, and personal health that are always important. Schedule down-time to rest, eat a good meal, spend time with your loved ones and reward yourself with the leisure or pleasure that you enjoy.

Most importantly, as you plan your days, set your time to add up to accomplishing goals that can allow you to invest more time doing the things that you love to do, outside of work, and still have a successful business.

Time Management Advice: Keep Track of Your Time

When working online, it is so easy to get caught up doing any tasks. Whether you’re doing a job or learn about a new or existing skill, it takes time. Whatever you do, try not to spend more time than is necessary on any one thing.

As you think about how much time is sufficient for a task, be fair and honest with yourself. On one hand, don’t give yourself too little time that you become stressed rushing to finish the work. On the other hand, don’t give yourself too much time that you “drag out” doing a simple task. Time yourself so that you’re challenged enough to stay focused but realistic enough about how much of your time the activity demands.

As you go along, review your time spent and adjust accordingly. Through this mindset, you will treasure your time more rather than think of wasting it by procrastinating or otherwise.

Time Management Advice: Automate What You Can

When you envision your successful business, does it have many clients and possibly employees? Remember that the more your business grows, the more you have to grow your capacity to meet the demands. There will come that time when being the sole freelancer won’t be enough to complete all of your jobs.

When this time comes, you have to find ways to manage the time needed to do each task. Start thinking about automating work. Whether you hire employees that you delegate work to or invest in systems or applications, be prepared to do more with the time that you have.

Prepare your business to finance outsourcing help, hiring employees, using applications such as for scheduling or transcribing. Whatever you choose, you will be able to still take on many clients without worrying about completing a job on time, and you can even give yourself more free time to do what you want to do.

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