I have heard many opinions about what surprises people about online business. Initially, persons have expressed their fears about scamming and taking a chance without assurance of instant success, or excitement about the prospect of earning a lot of money and being your own boss. However, the reality is not always what we imagine. There are many surprises about an online business.

Let’s explore 4 surprises that people discover about the online business experience.

As you pursue a virtual business, be mindful that the experience: may result in many sleepless nights, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, being the boss is not always easy and communication is vital when handling a difficult client.

Online Business Surprise #1:

Many Sleepless Nights

Many people become excited by the idea of working online because they can set their own hours and work at their own pace. This is a fact, but it comes with conditions. You must always remember that you are building your online business. Like any business, you have to put in the long hours to hone your skills, complete as many jobs as possible, and manage the overall operations. All of these tasks and responsibilities will require a lot of your time. That is why many are surprised that working online entails working more hours than a 9-5 job and undergoing numerous sleepless nights to finish your work properly and on time. 

Simply put, your business will require you to invest your time and energy into creating long-term success.

Online Business Surprise #2:

No Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Working online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’ve heard people say that you can quickly make money by working online and though they are correct, there is more to the story. When starting my online business, it took time before I got my first Fiverr client and even more time to start seeing a significant increase in my income generation. Why? This was because my business took time to grow. I had to learn to master my talent, spend long hours taking on as many clients as I could manage, and, over time, develop new talents that I could also use to earn more money. That was my reality and it is the reality of many.

The virtual, work platform requires you to build a reputation so that people can trust you with their work and money. Whilst some already have an identifiable and respected reputation, you will have to build one and that will take time.

Online Business Surprise #3:

Being The Boss Is Not Always Easy

The thought of being our own boss sounds exciting but the reality is not always glamorous. Even though I can sing the rewards of running an online business, I must be honest that being the boss means that you are in control of the success or failure of the business. When you’re starting up your business, you will have to bear in mind that you need to do the following:

  1. Practice good time management so that you can ensure your jobs are completed early or on time, arrange a time for developing your skills, and ensure that you can sufficiently handle the workload.
  2. Manage your money wisely so that you can invest in skills or services that you can sell, and utilize outsourced assistance to manage your overwhelming work demand or to market your services to reach an increased target audience.
  3. Running an online business is not a 9-5, you will have to spend long hours to grow unlike the 9-5 where your work hours end at a set time every workday.

Online Business Surprise #4: Communication Is Vital When Handling Difficult Clients

Good and clear communication is vital in everything that we do. Especially when working online, we must aim for excellent communication as we have to rely on our understanding of our clients’ needs to ensure they receive optimal service. When we encounter challenging clients, we must handle the situations carefully. Always ensure to remain calm, respectful and try to de-escalate the issue. It is best to never make a bad situation worse, even if you have to agree to compensate the customer and dissolve the business relationship.

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