We have all been a customer or client at some point in time. Similar to how we know what we want from our products and services, the same applies to our clients. We must never forget that even though we offer an online service or product, we are still required to operate at our best as a freelancer or business. Over the years, I’ve identified 4 simple and common reasons for dissatisfied clients online.

Let’s explore 4 common reasons why you may have dissatisfied online clients.

There are some things that online freelancers and businesses must bear in mind to fuel success online. Some of these reasons not only apply online, be even in face-to-face business. Ensure that you are mindful to not do the following: accept jobs that you cannot do, overwhelm yourself with the workload, practice dishonesty and project disrespectful communication.

Accept Jobs That You Cannot Do

Time and time again we hear that we should accept as many jobs as possible and complete our work quickly to increase our earnings. This is true, but we have to be wise when applying this growth strategy. We should never accept a job that we are sure that we cannot do because this can hurt the online reputation that we are building. Your clients will notice your incompetence and they won’t hesitate to give you a negative review, low rating and avoid referring your service(s) to others.

Overwhelming Workload

Do not accept more workload than you can manage. Remember that more work requires more of your time and attention. Especially, if you are a freelancer and not a business with additional support, the workload will become overwhelming. There will be multiple jobs with their individual deadlines and demands relying solely on your effort. Hence, it is better to produce a fewer number of quality work than multiple low quality or unfinished output.


Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, would you rather hire someone who will be honest or dishonest? No one would want to work with someone they cannot trust. Remember that a big part of success comes with having a good reputation. Your clients need to be able to trust you. They are taking a leap of faith when they share their private information with you, a stranger, in the hopes that they will get value for their money. Hence, be truthful with clients about matters such as the following:

  1. The turn-a-round time for deliveries.
  2. Your level of competency.
  3. The challenges you’re experiencing which are affecting the quality of your work
  4. The terms and conditions for your services.

In the end, it will be better to come to an early compromise or understanding before a problem escalates into client dissatisfaction.

Disrespectful Communication

Good and clear communication is vital in everything that we do. Especially when working online, we must aim for excellent communication as we have to rely on our understanding of our clients’ needs to ensure they receive optimal service. However, there are special situations when the nature of our communication will be tested. These situations include the following:

  1. A rude customer who is unfair, disrespectful or demanding. When we encounter these challenging clients, we must handle the situations carefully. Always ensure to remain calm, respectful and try to de-escalate the issue. It is best to never make a bad situation worse, even if you have to agree to compensate the customer and dissolve the business relationship.
  2. A foreign speaker whose grasp of the English language may be minimal. Be sure to listen and read keenly, use simpler words and be patient.

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