There are some standard things that one should consider as “must-dos” when freelancing online. On one hand, they are common principles for running any business whilst, on the other hand, others are paramount for operating via any virtual space/platform.

5 “must-dos” for anyone who is freelancing online are: staying connected, mastering one skill at a time, being patient, investing in building a successful online business and scheduling your time wisely.

Let’s take a deeper look at the 5 “must-dos” for freelancing online.

Stay Connected

Firstly, when working online it is vital to ensure that you own a computer and have a reliable internet connection. If you don’t, you may constantly find yourself in situations where you submit late orders or miss a potential client’s inquiry about your services because you do not own a computer or your poor internet connectivity constantly “gets in the way”. Simply put, it will make it very difficult for you to get any work done.

Secondly, you and your client need to be able to communicate with each other. Your client will have questions or information that can affect your job and you will need to ensure that you can get directions and feedback on your client. Imagine what would happen if you had an emergency that is affecting you doing your work or you made an error that your client needed to correct and neither of you can communicate with each other. That would be bad for business, right?

Master One Skill At A Time

Yes, it is profitable to offer multiple services online but don’t be in a haste to “jump from skill to skill”. It is better to become an expert at using a skill than be knowledgeable about many but the master of none. When you become the expert, you can set your price for the value of your service, you can do your tasks quicker, the quality of your work is excellent and you can comfortably set your price because your service becomes renowned for being valuable.

Therefore, the next time you feel anxious to branch-off into learning a new skill, ask yourself the question – Have I mastered my skill or would I be better at selling my service if I were to spend more time increasing my competency in this area? If your answer is yes, go right ahead and learn a new skill that you can use to expand your services and earning potential.

Be Patient

Success does not happen overnight. Give yourself the freedom and time to learn the “ins and outs” of working online o that you can allow yourself time to grow your business into a success.

Many freelancers and business owners become too quickly dismayed by the process of learning new skills, adapting to the online space or even the journey of getting paid clients. Remember that you have to build up a good reputation online and this will take time. Time to get positive reviews, attain steady clients and build your client demand to the point that you can increase your services.

Invest Time In Building A Successful Business

Always keep at the forefront of your mind that you are the boss, so your efforts will determine the success or failure of your business. Therefore, what you choose to do with your time will affect your business, especially during the early years. Be prepared to spend long hours doing the following:

Practising to master your skill(s) through clients’ orders and practice orders.

Marketing your services online, such as on your social media platforms, so that you can reach more potential clients.

Trying to complete as many jobs as possible to increase your delivery time on platforms like Fiverr, and to increase your earnings.

Schedule Your Time Wisely

You must be adequately using your time throughout the day. Not only do you have a business to run, but you also have your personal life demands, so having a schedule helps you to keep track of how much time you’re spending on each task, it reminds you what tasks you need to do and it ensures that you can better control your time.

The reality is that there are things outside of your control, but as you schedule your time, you are better prepared to handle your various responsibilities. Whilst you do, ensure that you keep an open mind to adjust yourself accordingly when unexpected challenges arise and prepare yourself to lose some personal time to build the life you want in the future.

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