Has work been making you feel easily fatigued, moody, or anxious? Do you find yourself grinding your teeth, getting frequent colds, experiencing difficulties concentrating, or struggling to eat normally? It sounds like you’re stressed. I asked you those two questions to confirm if you have signs and symptoms of stress. We all know that stress can disrupt our normal and healthy day-to-day functioning.

Based on what I have tried, learned, and observed, I am going to share some simple and effective stress relievers. I have identified these four strategies to be simple and effective stress relievers. I have tried several strategies to narrow them down to these four simple and effective stress relievers. Now it is your turn to see if they are simple and effective stress relievers for you too.

Talk It Out

Let us start by looking at the importance of talking about what causes you stress. I have learned that it is never good to store anxious energy. Instead, go ahead and talk it out. Seek emotional support. Whether you choose a trusted confidant, loved one, or even an accountability partner, talking eases the burden, gains wisdom, and reassures you that someone cares. When stress overwhelmingly affects your life, speak to a professional. Get a counselor you feel comfortable with who can give you the guidance and assistance you need. Believe me when I say that talking helps.

Write It Out

There is power in the words we speak and the words we write. From personal experiences and general observations, I have realized the power of journaling. This act is good for relieving stress. I found that listing immediate gratitude, highlighting daily accomplishments, and pouring out your every emotion and thought eases the tensions you carry inside. You can even take it a step further to acknowledge what triggers your stress and the things you can do to relieve them. Indeed, writing it out is a good way to pour out your stress!

Work It Out

Do not stress yourself out, instead, you should work it out. A vital life lesson I have learned from handling stress is the importance of taking intentional actions if you want to see the changes you need. We work hard to meet the demands of our jobs, families, and other responsibilities in our lives. However, we also need to take a break for our self-care. 

Hence, I firstly advise you to ensure that you are nourishing your body. Secondly, make time daily to work off your nervous and anxious energy through exercise. Thus, do not hesitate to bust a sweat. Head to the gym, go for a jog or take a stroll outside. Thirdly, have some fun. Take up a hobby or enjoy downtime with your friends. You can even take it a step further by getting the extra help you need to reduce the overwhelming workload, and never hesitate to say “no” to additional responsibilities you know you cannot handle. Therefore, be intentional about working out your stress.

Breathe It Out

Have you ever heard people talk about the importance of breathing properly? I have not only heard it, but I have lived it. Based on personal experiences, breathing correctly has significantly reduced my stress. I learned that a good night’s rest is a vital part of allowing the body to breathe calmly. Furthermore, practicing meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises go a far way in releasing that pent-up energy from your body. The key is that we need to better balance the high-energy situations with those that relax us. Hence, try adding more relaxing activities to your day. For example, outdoor leisure moments allow you to breathe in the clean air or take in calming scents, such as lavender. Trust me, breathing properly will do you a world of good.

What Have We Learned?

Who said that stress relief has to be difficult? There are several simple and effective stress relievers. It is time to bring your mind and body back into balance. This post aims to share with you some things I have found to be simple and effective stress relievers. So, whether you talk it out, write it out, work it out, breathe it out, or all of the above, do whatever you need to do to lead a healthier and happier life. The key point from all that I have shared is that at the core of these strategies is the need to let go of the thoughts, situations, and habits that worry or overwhelm you. Furthermore, you can only accomplish this by taking action to do what you can control and letting go of what you cannot change.

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