As we continue to celebrate mothers across the world, let us explore some useful advice for moms working from home. The reality is that working from home has its perks, but it comes with its own challenges. It can be especially challenging for mothers when they have to balance home life with a work-from-home job. Hence, I want to share some practical advice for moms working from home to make the process easier for them. We will look into how choosing jobs that allow you more flexibility, starting your days early, getting yourself and your children into a daily routine, and are effective advice for moms working from home.

Advice #1: Choose jobs that allow you more flexibility

Mothers can relate to the challenges of juggling the management of a household with caring for children when working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly highlighted this issue. We saw many videos of frustrated moms venting their struggles about being productive when working from home. I also understand this struggle. One solution I have found is doing jobs that allow me the flexibility of structuring my time. Hence, I think that mothers, especially those with babies who need the freedom to decide what time they work and how long they work, should make job flexibility a priority requirement when job hunting.

However, you must wisely manage your time if you still want to have a successful business. When you have a job that allows you the flexibility of setting your work hours schedule and adjusting yourself to meet your personal and professional needs. Look for tasks such as transcripts with a longer delivery time and even virtual assistant database update tasks that are not urgent. Whatever work you do, creatively use your time to fulfill your motherly duties and still get the job done. Sometimes it means that you work while your children sleep. The important point to note is that as long as you do good work and complete the client’s work in the agreed timeframe, your business can remain successful.

Advice #2: Start your days early

I think it is always best for moms to start their days early. Given the many responsibilities you face, you need a solution for balancing your personal life with running a successful business. Therefore, you have to learn how to efficiently do the housework that never seems to end and meet the demands of your energetic children or toddler without compromising your business. One good solution is to get an early start on your list of things to do before the day gets out of control.
Here is how you can do it. While the house is quiet and calm, you prepare meals, tackle the laundry and cleaning, and even prepare activities to keep the children engaged throughout the day. When the family gets up, your house is in order and you feel more confident about your day. Throughout the day, you can have family time in-between work. These will allow you to take breaks to relax and spend quality time with your children. Doesn’t an early start to your day sound like a good idea to try out?

Advice #3: Get yourself and your children into a daily routine

I have heard many moms talk about, and I have also seen firsthand, the need for a daily routine. As much as you and I benefit from a routine keeping us organized, disciplined, and prepared, children, can also benefit from it as well. Having a system that includes nap times, play activities, snack times, and even time for lessons help you to create work schedules for maximum productivity. One example is that you can coincide your rest time with taking walks outdoors, playing with your children, and even catching up on what happened during their day while you eat.
Realistically, we can plan routines and unexpected happenings require us to adjust ourselves. However, this should never be an excuse for not having daily routines. What mothers need to do is be willing to adjust their schedule and routine to meet their needs and accomplish priority tasks, as well as they can. Still, go ahead and start creating a routine and watch how yourself, your children and other family members develop habits that help you to work more efficiently.

Advice #4: Get extra help

The saying no man is an island, no man stands alone is very true. This is especially true as it relates to motherhood. Even though we hear people talk about supermoms, mothers do not help sometimes. When you add an at-home business to the mix, then extra help is a must-have. There will be days when the pressures of deadlines, a sudden emergency, or even exhaustion call for the need for helping hands.
Extra help can take different forms, it just depends on what assistance you need to better balance out your personal life while you focus on your professional responsibilities. Sometimes it means that your partner, relatives, friends, and/or the kind neighbour you trust volunteers to watch your children or complete important tasks while you work. Other scenarios, may involve a paid babysitter or a professional to step in to see to some of your children’s needs, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, or tutoring. Additionally, the case may be that you delegate minimal work or some of your jobs to an employee or outsourced professional. Mothers, whatever you decide to do must ensure that you are striking some semblance of balance between your personal and professional life without “running yourself into the ground”.

Advice #5: Learn to develop the right mindset

Everything we do in life thrives when we have the right mindset. Having the right mindset is especially important for mothers. We know that there are so many things working moms have to juggle on a daily basis that if they do not have the right mindset they can crash under the pressure. Whether they are single parents, have a strong support system, or merely struggling to adjust to balancing life, work, and children, all mothers need mental strength to show up to the mounting responsibilities that demand so much of them.
The right mindset varies from situation to situation. Sometimes it means you have to be strong-willed when the pressures of all you have to do makes you want to give up your job or procrastinate. Other times, there are situations that pull us too far away from balancing personal needs and professional needs. For example, a successful mom who pays someone to fulfill personal duties where she needs to show up for her family. Another example could be the destruction of a business because a mother gives in to her desire of wanting to manage everything in the household and day-to-day life of her family, but she spends little time meeting deadlines and completing her work.

Let’s Recap

Essentially, I am saying that though there are many challenges for a mom working from home, there are effective ways to reduce the problems you face. These five pieces of advice are some ideas for things you can look into to see how you can better handle situations in a balanced, efficient, and wise way. However, please remember that nothing in life is perfect. Motherhood and business involve constant learning and growing processes. However, both can be combined in a successful way. What you can all agree on is that you must do is set fair expectations, give yourself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them, and keep finding ways to improve where possible. I believe in you, you can do it!

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