The world is constantly learning, growing, and developing great inventions to make our lives easier. In today’s digitally-driven society, it is only natural that you have heard of and even tried a variety of applications and tools freelancers need for business operations. Did you know that there are several common myths about transcription that people think are facts? Indeed, there are! When I first learned about transcription it seemed hard but as I learned and practised this craft I realized facts from fiction. Still, these common myths about transcription are floating around in society. Today, I want to clear the air by highlighting and debunking three common myths about transcription. Let us get into debunking three common myths about transcription.

Myth #1: Creating a Machine Transcripts Does Most of the Work

Machine transcripts are useful software-generated transcripts of an audio or video file. Hence, it is understandable that these converted files reduce the hassle of typing out what is said or heard in audio or video. However, these transcripts are inaccurate. Transcribers must carefully review the generated information for spelling errors, incorrect grammar, and insert the correct punctuation marks and missing words before submitting the document.

Myth #1: Transcription is an Easy Job

Frequently I come across videos and comments made by persons who run a transcription business or have a transcription course with the misleading story that transcription is easy to do. Yes, there are apps and tools that make the process easier, including making machine transcripts and proofreading documents. However, factors such as the length of the file and the clarity of the audio affect the transcription process. For example, a file that lasts two hours with a Speaker(s) with a thick foreign accent(s) is a challenging, time-consuming job. In this case, you will not be able to create a machine transcript because the audio quality is too poor. Instead, you have to manually type, pay keen attention to what is heard and run the risk of having a lot of notations of inaudible parts. 

Myth #3: Transcription is a Manually Typing Job for Fast Typers

The first thought that tends to come to mind when we learn about transcription is that it is a business for fast typers. However, this is false. Firstly, people can choose to manually type transcripts or use software programs to make the job easier. Secondly, there are persons who are not fast typers who successfully run transcription businesses. If you are a skilled typer, you can use this to your advantage.

That’s A Wrap!

Transcription is a useful and budding skill and business. As you explore what the reality of the job entails you must clarify the truth about common myths about transcription. Even though these are three common myths about transcription, there are many other others. The most important takeaway is that you still have to work hard and take pride in your work to produce accurate, clear, and well-done transcripts. Do not let the challenge dissuade you. Use the tools available, keep practising and learning to hone the craft. You can do it!

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