Taking breaks from working is so important. Whether we work in a 9-5 job or run a business, we need to step away from the hustle and bustle. Breaks are opportunities to recharge, refuel and even get quick tasks done. I know numerous simple ways to use your breaks to boost productivity. Personally, I have tried and adjusted my approach to work breaks and I want to share with you 10 simple ways to use your breaks to boost productivity. Similar to how I benefitted, I hope that these simple ways to use your breaks to boost productivity will help you.

  • After spending a long time completing a time-consuming task, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy. This can be as simple as reading a chapter from your new novel.
  • The stresses on the job can be overwhelming at times. Step away from the work to look outside at nature, soak up some sunshine, and take calming breaths.
  • Do you do graphics, writing, or other creative work? Try doodling or writing freely to get your creative juices flowing again.
  • Keep yourself motivated throughout the day by pausing for a dose of music or a short motivational video.
  • After repetitively sitting at your desk to work, get up and do some stretches to ease those tensed muscles.
  • Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, go for a short walk outside.
  • Always have water and healthy snacks nearby to keep your body hydrated and fueled all day. You can make this easy by having a liter-size water bottle and meal prepping.
  • A cold shower is good for fighting-off tiredness and feelings of being sluggish. Have a quick, cold shower to get yourself recharged.
  • Sometimes your mind and body just need rest. Pause to take a power nap when you need it.
  • There are always simple, quick tasks on our to-do list. Use the opportunity during your break to get them done. For example, folding clean clothes or washing the dishes.

Who knew that taking a break from work could be so simple and so effective? These are only a few of the ways in which you can use your work breaks to boost your productivity. I hope that are routinely assessing your daily activities for ways to improve your work efficiency and productivity.

The next time you’re scheduling your breaks take some time to test these tips. I am looking forward to reading your comments on which advice you found helpful. Please also leave your suggestions for activities to do during breaks to boost productivity, I hope to learn from you too. All the best!

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