Too many entrepreneurs lose themselves in their work. Whether it may be weakened bonds or missed moments, those precious times with loved ones will never be regained.  Especially during holiday seasons like Christmas, when the work rush is on, it can truly feel like there are entrepreneurs’ secrets for quality time with loved ones that you can’t seem to figure out. Well, I have done it! Based on my experience, and what I have observed other business people doing, I have identified some entrepreneurs’ secrets for quality time with loved ones, now I’m going to share them with you. Below, I explore five entrepreneurs’ secrets for quality time with loved ones.

1. Enjoy A Change in Scenery with the Family

Schedule a trip that both you and your loved one(s) can enjoy. Go to a resort, air b&b or someplace that provides relaxation and entertainment for you and your loved ones. On one hand, you can enjoy the calming aesthetic for a more productive work environment. On the other hand, you can make time in your schedule to do fun activities and spend quality time with your children and loved ones.

2. Delegate and Manage Your Work to Free Up Your Time

Instead of always doing all the work, scale your business to the point where you can hand over your tasks to trusted team members or an outside business or freelancer. Whilst they to do your work, you will have more free time to enjoy a holiday, vacation, merely or day off with your friends and family. As long as you have a trustworthy professional getting the job done you can still earn and make a profit and pay for the extra help whilst you have some well-needed downtime.

3. The Family That Works Together Plays Together

Teach your friends and family members how to do the same work that you do as a freelancer. Once they understand the demands of the job and are competent enough to help you can make the workload lighter, you can enjoy double the benefits. On one hand, you increase the earnings and financial stability of the family to afford the lifestyle you want to live. On the other hand, you not only spend more time together, but you can finance invest such as booking trips and adventure for work and leisure. You can set your work hours and schedule your leisure time to have fun together.

4. Time Management is Key

Time Management is key if you want to not only show up as a successful business person but also for your family and friends. Thus, always make time in your daily schedule for important life moments like birthdays and ceremonies. Also make time for simpler moments like a walk and talk, enjoying a meal together, or unexpected emergencies like a hospital visit or consoling a hurting loved one.

5. Show Up for the Simple Moments

Sometimes being present can simpler than we think. Why not make your lengthier breaks count for some quality time. Hang out with your toddler while you grab a snack. Instead of getting some fresh air alone, take a walk with a loved one and catch up on what’s been going on in his or her day. Maybe, if your teen can work well in your space, have him or her do homework whilst you get some work done. This way you can physically be present and be within reach if he or she needs your help.

Remember why you are working hard. Not only do you work to earn but to also live the type of lifestyle your heart desires. Do not let time and distance come between you and your loved ones because you neglect them for work. Make the time to show up, be present in moments, and be a part of making great memories. I hope that these tips help you to do just that.

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