Freelancers are the business. As freelancers, we are the human resources who get the job done, manage the day-to-day operations, and we still have personal lives to attend to. Finding ways how to be consistent as a freelancer and balance it all can be quite challenging. That is why I am going to share with you my five tips and advice on how to be consistent as a freelancer. Below, we will explore how we can be consistent when we work in smaller portions, maintain good health, have the right mindset, have an organized and flexible system, and when we identify ways to make improvements. 

Work in Smaller Portions

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks to do. However, I have found that dividing your work into smaller portions of manageable tasks goes a far way in keeping you consistent. This ensures that you take more frequent breaks for things such as clearing your head, getting something to eat, or even exercising. After each break, you return to your work feeling more refreshed and focused.

Maintain Good Health 

If the freelancer is the business, then shouldn’t freelancers take good care of their health? Of course, we should! If we’re not eating right, getting enough rest, and exercising, our bodies will become ill. When that happens, our consistency will surely be affected because we won’t be able to work, and if we don’t work, we won’t earn. So, instead of burning ourselves out or getting ourselves sick, we should schedule and invest time into our mental and physical wellbeing. The longer we delay, the worse our health will become and the more our business will suffer. 

Have the Right Mindset

Consistency is as much about the mindset as it is about the physical actions. I have come to the realization that as a freelancer, my strong will and determination are what keep me going when I physically do not feel like working. There have been days when the motivational videos I watch, my list of goals, and self-talk are what boots my persistence to keep consistent. I encourage you to find what you need to develop and strengthen your mindset to take you through the times when you find it difficult to be consistent.

Have an Organized and Flexible System

It is vital to have a system that keeps you organized, but it should never prevent you from being flexible. On one hand, I have found that having a routine gives me the confidence, clarity, and consistency I need to handle my workload, business operations, and personal life. On the other hand, I have learned that I should always leave room in my schedule and have a mindset to be flexible. Unexpected situations will occur, resulting in me having to adjust my routine. In these instances, I can better make changes to meet the demands of the job or my personal life without having to completely halt work operations, unless I absolutely have to.

Identify Ways to Make Improvements

A valuable lesson that I have learned as a freelancer with an online business is that no person nor business plan will ever be perfect. Every day, I encounter situations that make being consistent challenging. Whether it is handling a challenging client, increasing my earnings, or finding the motivation to keep going, there are always things to improve. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, we must remember to take the time out to identify the ways in which we can improve ourselves and our business, then more success will follow.

Let’s recap!

Understandably, consistency is a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for us freelancers. We have the sole responsibility for the success and failure of our business, and our consistency goes a far way in ensuring our success. I hope that after reading my five tips and advice on how to be consistent as a freelancer, you have found useful ways to improve or sustain your consistency. These are only a few of the ways that you can elevate, keep exploring ways to master your consistency. Good luck!

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