Social media is a powerful and useful sales and marketing tool for businesses. Freelancers can utilize this to promote their services, maintain a consistent professional business presence, source clients, increase brand awareness and establish a loyal following. There are several effective social media strategies for Online Freelancers. However, we will explore only a few social media strategies for Online Freelancers.


Branding is very important for every business. As freelancers, you have to make people take you serious, trust your knowledge and expertise. You can use two simple advice to build a good online brand.

  1. Utilize the ‘about me’ blurb of your account to highlight your professionalism, business, and your services.

2. Establish your professional brand by being consistent, separate your account from your business account and project your authentic personality in your tone and language.

Standing Out From Your Competition

There will be someone else who is offering the same services but you have to find ways to separate yourself from the competition. Take a look at some social media approaches towards standing out from your competition:

  1. Share content that is not only informative but also effective. Hence, phrase and present your posts in a manner that your audience can understand and make the information relatable.

2. Try to post new and/or less commonly shared information so that your content can attract more viewers.

3. Provide tips that prove to be effective when tried. Ensure that when your followers try your advice that can see results.

4. Balance your professionalism with interesting personal details about yourself and your business. Never forget that people will become loyal followers on social media when they like and trust you and your content.


Social media was created to facilitate the ease of communication. Especially during this digital age and the restrictions on face-to-face contact, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, virtual networking is important. Take a look at some good social media networking strategies:

  1. Build up your business network by joining communities, conversations, and forums where you can meet business people and potential clients.

2. Follow your fellow freelancers and build strong business ties. By doing this you can learn from each other, and collaborate, where feasible and profitable.

3. Learn from your competitors’ accounts how to improve your brand image, ideas for posting effective content, and learn from the business strategies they share.

4. Engage in group conversations and offer advice to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

Choosing The Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Each social media platform is suited for a certain type of content and audience. Thus, Research where your audience spends most of their time online, identify the type of content that your audience is interested in seeing online and identify and work towards your goals for your social media presence. 

See out the information below to learn more about best suits some of the top social media platforms for Online Freelancers:


Firstly, LinkedIn is a platform on which every business person should establish an online presence. On one hand, it is not the best for social engagements. On the other hand, it offers the advantages of building a business network with other professionals, meeting potential clients, searching for jobs, and creates opportunities to recruit employees.

I have had the privilege of socializing with other entrepreneurs, including my fellow freelancers, attained clients, and learned about potentially viable business ventures.


Secondly, Facebook is a very popular social networking platform. I have found it to be a good space for building loyal and lasting business relationships. This is because the platform allows you the privilege of learning personal details about professionals and business and it facilitates conversations that can lead to dedicated following and clients.


Thirdly, Instagram is considered to be a cool and popular platform for teens and young adults. I have found it to be very effective for appealing to and information viewers through photos and videos. Furthermore, I reached a wider and larger audience. 

Another benefit of this virtual space is the chance to better relate to potential clients. You can do this by demonstrating your values, creating a consistent and conversational brand presence, showcase your work, and self-promote through ads that can be shared on both Instagram and Facebook.


Fourthly, Twitter has proven to be a great platform to have real-time conversations or debates. If you have an active Twitter account, you would have noticed that communication is quick and hashtags are used to create and organize ongoing discussions.

As a result, you can utilize this tool to build brand awareness. Go ahead and research the trending hashtags that are related to your business. Afterward, incorporate these hashtags into your tweets so that you can reach a larger audience. 


Lastly, YouTube is constantly being talked about as a popular search engine. When you need certain information you must have heard these words at some point, “Check YouTube.” The reality is that you will most likely find what you are looking for there. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to provide more details about your business via YouTube.  Invest your time and effort into sharing videos that showcase your work, offer expert advice, and demonstrate interesting behind-the-scenes details.

These are only a few of the strategies and insights that I have attained about successfully utilizing social media. I hope that you’ll find them helpful.

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